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Talks on Iran nuclear program at ‘standstill,’JUNE 13, 2015/LEAVE A COMMENT/EDIT Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi (2nd L), Head of Iranian Atomic Energy Organization Iran and the P5+1 group reached a preliminary deal on April 2 in Lausanne, Switzerland, which was seen as a significant step towards rapprochement between Washington and Tehran. The US still has a set of demands, insisting that Iran implement nuclear transparency measures in exchange for sanctions relief.
Iran and the six world powers (P5+1 group) have a low chance of reaching an agreement on Iran’s nuclear program by the June 30 deadline, according to a diplomatic source. The talks in Vienna are at “standstill,” the source added.
“Progress has practically come to a standstill and there is a risk that the deadline will be extended again,” a diplomatic source told the TASS news agency on Friday, after discussions ended for the day.
But negotiators failed to achieve any considerable progress, “and there is no fin…
पृथकतावादियो पर तत्काल नकेल कसे सरकार
नई दिल्ली 13 जून।  राष्ट्रवादी शिवसेना के अध्यक्ष एवं यूनाईटेड हिन्दू फ्रंट के महासचिव श्री जय भगवान गोयल ने कश्मीर घाटी में आईएस के झण्डे लहराए जाने वालों पर कड़ी कार्रवाई की मांग की है। उन्होंने कहा कि पहले पाकिस्तानी झण्डे लहराने वाले सिरफिरों पर कड़ा एक्शन नहीं लिए जाने व कुछ स्वयंभू नेताओं द्वारा ऐसे तत्वों का खुला समर्थन किए जाने से ही नौबत यहां तक आ पहुंची है। आज जारी एक प्रेस वक्तव्य में श्री गोयल ने क्षोभ व्यक्त करते हुए कहा कि जम्मू कश्मीर की वर्तमान सरकार के अस्तित्व में आने के बाद से पृथकतावादी तत्व खुलेआम अपनी गतिविधियों को अंजाम देने लगे है। ऐसा प्रतीत हो रहा है कि पाक झण्डे लहराने वालों व हिंसक प्रर्दशनों में संलिप्त लोगांे के विरूद्ध पुलिस कार्रवाई का दिखावा मात्र कर रही है जबकि सख्त कार्यवाही की नितांत जरूरत है।  श्री गोयल ने कहा कि मीरवाइज और गिलानी सरीखे अलगाववादी नेताओं के दिल्ली आगमन पर उनका विरोध करने पर राष्ट्रवादियों को साम्प्रदायिक बताकर मुकदमें दर्ज हो जाते है। ऐसी दोगली नीतियों के कारण ही देश में राष्ट्रविरोधी शक्तिया निरन्…

Efforts to search and locate the missing ICG Aircraft by the ICG and IN ships alongwith aircraft in area of probability continue for the past 110 hrs.  A multi coloured sheen of oil in concentric circles was sighted which indicated oozing of oil. The sample of oil has been sent to the laboratory for analysis. INS Sandhyak undertaking sub-surface search, detected intermittent transmission of 37.5 Khz, likely to be from the Sonar Locator Beacon (SLB) of the missing aircraft. The transmission is around the position where the Air Traffic Control (ATC) radar had lost contact of the aircraft. Submarine INS Sindhudhvaj is likely to arrive in the area late in the evening for further augmentation of sub-surface search. National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT) has diverted its research vessel 'Sagar Nidhi' and is likely to arrive in the area for augmenting underwater search by 14 Jun.
M/s Reliance India Limited has been approached to extend servi…
Free MCD Parking at B Block Community Centre Janakpuri N Delhi starts collecting fee. Free MCD Parking at B Block Community Centre Janakpuri N Delhi starts collecting fee without intimating the respective association of the community centre market authorities said President Rajinder  Goel of Tower.Further added when reported on helplines 1064 and 1031,there was hardly a conclusive response.Thus Shopkeepers together meet the concerned Councillor of B Block Janakpuri for not charging the incoming  customers to the market which is giving the daily needs and banking ,insurance services to the most of the pensioners residing in this one of the biggest colony in Asia.
Mamata Banerjee Social Security Scheme for the tribal Kendu leaf collectors2 hrs ·  Today, we have taken a decision to introduce a Social Security Scheme for the tribal Kendu leaf collectors of Paschim Medinipore, Bankura and Purulia and their families.
Under this Scheme, any tribal Kendu leaf collector between the age of 18 years and 60 years may apply for registration free of cost.
Upon registration, they will be entitled to the following financial assistance:
i) Lump sum amount on attaining 60 years – Rs.50000/- to Rs.150000;
ii) For accidental death (Rs.150000/-) and natural death (Rs. 50000/-);
iii) For partial disability (Rs.4000/-) or for permanent disability (Rs.25000/-), depending on the degree of disability;
iv) Medical assistance in case of surgeries – maximum Rs.4000/- per annum and maximum Rs.80000/- for a block of 4 years.
v) Maternity benefit upto two children – Rs.6000/- each time for maximum twice
vi) One time assistance for funeral expenses – Rs.3000/-. This scheme will great…
BJP turns it into a den of corruption From: Media Cell AAP <>Fri, 12 Jun '15 6:29p To: undisclosed-recipients:; Show full Headers The BJP-ruled three Municipals Corporations of Delhi (MCDs) have miserably failed in performing their basic duties and their functioning has totally collapsed.
There was no reason for the sanitation workers strike to have continued after the announcement by the Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on June 8 (Monday) that Rs around 500 crore will be immediately released for payment of their salary arrears.
After this categorical announcement, there was no reason for the continuation of the strike, but the BJP’s mayors deliberately misled the poor workers and virtually instigated them to not only continue with the strike, but commit an inhuman crime of throwing garbage on roads.
Time and again, courts of law have termed the MCD as inefficient and corrupt organizations, the latest example being recent CBI raids in the offices of MCD …

Russia turned to Asian partners – Medvedev

Western sanctions have encouraged Russia to work more actively with Asian partners, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said prior to this month’s EU summit in Brussels. The EU will then make a decision on anti-Russian sanctions. “In economic terms, of course, all those sanctions, introduced against us, stimulated us to ensure more active cooperation with Asian countries. Thank you very much too all those states that have adopted them,” Medvedev said to reporters at XVII World Congress of Russian Press Thursday.Russia turned to Asia, as the West don’t give money and push Russian companies out of business, he added. Russia’s choice of trading partners will be based on national interests, but the markets in the Asia-Pacific region and BRICS are of utmost importance, said the PM. "Sixty percent of the world GDP is there. The whole global growth is mainly in the Asia-Pacific region and in the BRICS countries. Therefore, it is essential for us to gain a foothold in the partner sta…
Rs. 6000 Cr 1 Yr 0% Loan to Sugar Mills, 30% Loan to Farmers  June11, 2015 (C) Ravinder Singh
Government promised all help and priority to Farmers but as these two stories in ET reveal while Cabinet has approved Rs.6000 Cr Loan to Sugar Mills at Zero Per Cent interest – Banks in Violation of RBI Orders to Convert Short Term Crop Loans to Long Term Loans is not being implemented, Farmers Are EXPLOITED TO PAY 30% INTEREST ON LOANS BY MONEYLENDER. India produced 28.5 Million Tones of Sugar 2014-15 Season which is same as in 2006-07. But Consumption of Sugar is just 24 million tones.
What is Most Shocking is that International Price of Sugar is Rs.23 per and our Sugar Mills are getting Rs.26 per kg but Consumers are Charged between Rs.36 for Loose to Rs.45 for Branded Sugar – 50% Margin.
Even as Wholesale Price has fallen from Rs.33.5 per kg a year ago Consumers are not Getting the Cheaper Sugar.  
Banks are Fur…
2m2 minutes ago EU Parliament urges Blatter to quit FIFA immediately

FIFA hands over more IT data to Swiss criminal investigation

World football's governing body, FIFA, has handed more IT data over to Switzerland's Office of the Attorney General (OAG), Reuters reported on Wednesday. "I can confirm that FIFA handed over today seized IT data to the OAG," a spokesman said in an emailed statement. "As already communicated, the OAG has opened criminal proceedings against persons unknown." According to a source, close to the Swiss investigation, the data stored in computer systems at FIFA also included the records from the office of FIFA President Sepp Blatter.
India amongst top five economies with highest investment commitments in 2014 : World Bank

According to World Bank’s ‘Private Participation in Infrastructure’ database, India is amongst the top five countries with the highest investment commitments in 2014 including Brazil , Turkey , Peru and Colombia . These five countries together have attracted US$78bn, representing 73% of the investment commitments in the developing world in 2014.The total infrastructure investments in 139 emerging economies  for projects with private participation in the energy, transport and water sectors , rose to US$107.5bn in 2014.
The increase in the total global investment commitments is mainly due to increasing activity in the Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) region, which captured US$69.1bn, much of which is attributable to investment commitments in Brazil , Colombia and Peru , which together accounted for 55% of the global total.
The database revealed that 2014 was the year with the fourth highest level…
Government of India and UN specialized agency IFAD discuss evaluation of rural development programme in India
Date: Thursday, 11 June 2015 – 2 - 5 p.m. Venue: Claridges Hotel, 12 Aurangzeb Road, New Delhi
Chair inception workshop: Mr Raj Kumar, Joint Secretary (MI), Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance

Chair learning event: Mr Rishikesh Singh, Director (MI), Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance
The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), a specialized agency of the United Nations,cordially invites you to a learning event that will discuss findings and recommendations of a recent impact evaluation of the IFAD-funded Jharkhand-Chhattisgarh Tribal Development Programme (JCTDP). The learning event (2 – 5 p.m. on 11 June) will include a presentation of results and recommendations from the evaluation, as well as share the methodological approach, challenges and lessons learned in applying rigorous quantitative methods to evaluate the impact of IFAD-fun…
Naresh Kumar Sagar Just now ·  Suu Kyi’s China visit for better ties Myanmar opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi is set to start her first visit to China today. Communist Party of China (CPC) announced Suu Kyi’s acceptance of an invitation to visit China, there has been some excitement among observers of China-Myanmar relations, and it is believed the debut trip underscores a common wish of the two nations to improve ties. CPC communicates not only with foreign political parties that adopt the same ideology, but also those with a different political vision. The invitation extended to Suu Kyi is a proof that the CPC stands ready to engage with any political parties as long as they are willing to promote the sound development of relations with China. Since 2010, the China-Myanmar relations have witnessed some disturbances, with several key cooperation projects, including a water dam and a copper mine, being brought to a standstill. The two countries have made progress in addressing these …
Ministry of External Affairs, India Just now ·  EAM @SushmaSwaraj meets African Ambassadors during preparations for 3rd India Africa Forum Summit Vikas Swarup (@MEAIndia) posted a photo on Twitter Get the whole picture - and other photos from Vikas Swarup PIC.TWITTER.COM
Rajiv Kumar ·  The Macroeconomic Unit at CPR has an opening for a Research Associate/Assistant. He/she should have a strong econometric background and interest and experience in macroeconomic research. MA in economics is essential and M.Phil in Economics is preferred. The position is at least for one year and likely to be extended. Salary is around 40K per month. Those interested may write to Geetima Krishna at
Songita Das Urgently Looking for: 1. Account Executives (with minimum 1 year of experience in Digital Media) 2. Account Executives (minimum 2 year of experience in Mainline Agency)3. Copywriters with minimum 4 years of experience.Job Location: NOIDA.. For more details and is looking for Text commentators/staff writers. Based out of: Bangalore Key attributes required:
Sound cricketing knowledge
An understanding of the game's laws and rules
The ability to see the game in a holistic manner
Revinder Singh Tejinder Lamba <> Tue, Jun 9, 2015 at 11:22 AM Re: Maggi 500 Kcal vs Bisleri ZERO & Samosa Price Rs.12

सड़े तेल में डूबे भटूरे और समोसे सल्फर के तेजाब वाले पानी के गोलगप्पे बर्ड फ्लू वाले जख्मी मुर्गे की चांप, एक ही पत्ती से कई बार बनी चाय, Detergent powderवाला दूध, धूल वाली सड़क पे खुले कटे फलों की चाट, नाली किनारे बिकती सब्जियां, कभी ना साफ हुई टंकी के प्याऊ का पानी, खुजलाते हाथों की ढाबे की रोटीयां, मरे मच्छरों की चाश्नी में डूबी जलेबियां, और सूखे दूध के नकली मेवे की मिठाई, जिसका बाल भी बांका नहीं कर सके।
उसका Maggie ki LEADक्या बिगाड़ लेगी !!