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Celebrate International Day of Water: 22nd March

Where water is pure the peoples residing in those areas have glossy touch and their structure is quite impressive with proportionate body and look is very straight to which we call graceful people with impressive,beautiful looks.Water in North makes people living in north more beautiful with attractive look as water flows from higher to lower levels and getting dirties in Northern regions is bleak with just scant attention.

( - Earths primary source of water i.e. rain needs our attention round the year, along with secondary sources, available in localized form as ground water along with chargeable links with rivers and lakes, further needs our attention to survey its potential round the year to ascertain the behavior aspect along with primary resource.

Water is life and Life is water both runs
to clean the body mind and soul of both earth and its being is essential not for earth only but physically for our spirit life,physical lives, for consumption of the body to act as temp…

Chilean President Dr. Michelle Bachele visits India

2009-03-17 06:36:47 - Chile first woman President so is India's President first woman President of India both to meet to strengthen old ties and to give boost to free market policies,to increase social benefits to help two country's to achieve higher goal in trade.

Dr Bachelet is polyglot, speaks Spanish, English, German, Portuguese and Frenchand is in the list of most powerful women in the world.

Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and the visiting Chilean President Dr. Michelle Bachele on Tuesday will ink agreement for protection of mutual investments and air cargo are in the final stages.The Ambassador of Chile in India Mr. Manual Cardenas said in New Delhi that discussions with the Indian leaders on establishing a free trade area and strengthening economic cooperation is high on the agenda.

Chilean President Michelle Bachelet arrived in New Delhi on a five-day visit to India during which she will be accorded a ceremonial reception at the Forecourt of the Rashtrapati Bhavan on…