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Intergrated cohesive Asean

2009-10-25 08:06:08 - Asean Leaders a region of more than half the world's population prepares to pledge to overcome their differences,on way the formation of an integrated Asian community in wrap up day on an annual summit in Thailand on Sunday.

Asian leaders are happy with the outcome of the 15th Asean Summit as there has been considerable development of cooperation in various areas, Thailand Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva said.Chairman of the Asean, and will attend the United States -Asean Summit to be held in Singapore next month,will co-chair the event with US President Barack Obamba.

Singpore Prime Minister Mr Lee said the grouping should work together on the East Asia Free Trade Area and the Comprehensive Economic partnership in East Asia. Asean needs to wok for a high-level task force to work on a masterplan to speed up ASEAN's connectivity by linking the region by air,land, sea and telecommunications. The masterplan should be ready by October next year in time for t…

India explore FTA with Thailand,China Japan

October 25th, 2009 - 3:37 pm by Nksagar

25.10.2009 09:31:38 India Prime Minister Mr Singh has offered to help southeast Asian nations in management of natural disasters by sharing satellite data and launching small satellites made by them.

( - India in order to explore free trade agreement FTA with Asean members. India in an operational FTA with Singapore, alike deal involving 82 goods with Thailand, ongoing negotiations with Malaysia on a duty free trade agreement the trade experts of India and Indonesia have recommended a similar trade deal between the two sides.

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said at the Asean summit,”We have signed a comprehensive economic partnership agreements with Singapore and the Republic of Korea and recently a trade in goods agreements with the ASEAN. We are in discussions with Japan, China, Thailand and Malaysia and other countries to conclude agreements of a similar nature,” Singh said at the 4th East Asia Summit here.

Asean summit of th…