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Innovations for Everyone campaign

- New Delhi - Nksagar -Sagar Media Managing Director of the Fox International Channel, National Geographic Network in India, Keertan Adhyanthaya said Innovations for Everyone campaign is open to people from all walks of life.

Volkswagen and National Geographic Channel today launched a unique initiative to identify the potential of relevant innovations that could lead to technological and scientific breakthroughs to improve quality of life.The campaign will hunt for individuals who have conceptualized radical ideas that have the mettle to make a difference to society and the country.

The innovations will be evaluated across three categories;
Technology Edge- a breakthrough project on investing something new, Re-energizing Edge- a breakthrough project re-inventing and improving any existing invention and Environment Edge - a breakthrough project to save the environment.

To enable this , Volkswagen and National Geographic channel have collaborated with FITT (Foundation for Innovation and…