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India snubs new UN chiefMarch 11, 2017 India has again reiterated that only a bilateral solution to the Kashmir issue is possible, amid indications that the new United Nations (UN) secretary general Antonio Gutterres was looking at ways to break the deadlock between the two nations. Responding to reports that Guterres was considering to open a conversation with senior Indian and Pakistani officials on Kashmir, Government sources said in New Delhi that our position on addressing all issues between India and Pakistan bilaterally has not changed. Guterres’ spokesperson Farhan Haq was quoted as saying that the secretary general “will talk to different officials if it helps to move the process along. Haq was answering journalists’ questions about the situation in Kashmir. Leave a commentEdit Czech PM Sobotka holds on to party leadership March 11, 2017 Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka, facing an uphill battle to win a parliamentary election this year, stepped up attacks on his ruling coa…
Assembly Elections 2017  Uttar Pradesh (403/403) Punjab (117/117) Goa (38/40)
PartyLeadWonTotalSP+INC382866BJP +193119312BSP101020RLD00011Others03014 PartyLeadWonTotalSAD+BJP011617INC047478AAP002020BSP000Others00022 PartyLead
Exhibition of ‘Innovations in Medical Science and Biotechnology” at Rashtrapati Bhavan on 9th March’ 2017March 10, 2017

An Exhibition on ‘Innovations in Medical Science and Biotechnology’ has been organized for one day during the Festival of Innovations (FOIN) since 2015. The first two editions were organized jointly by Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and National Innovation foundation (NIF) on 11th March 2015 and 16th March 2016. The third edition of this Exhibition and a round table on: ‘A Sustainable, Multi-Stakeholder Approach from Research to Technology [SMART] – Increasing Healthcare Reach’ was organized jointly by ICMR, NIF and DBT-BIRAC (Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council) on 9th March 2017. Secretary, Health, Secretary, Department of Health Research and DG, ICMR, Secretary, DBT, Scientific Secretary, Office of Principle Scientific Adviser to Govt. of India, higher officials from Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, DBT, BIRAC, DST, Med Tech Zone, i…
German delegation v to KyrgyzstanMarch 10, 2017 14 German companies will come to Kyrgyzstan with German delegation to participate in the 2nd Day of German Economy in Kyrgyzstan, reported the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Kyrgyzstan on March 6. The objective of the event is to support a dialogue between German and Kyrgyz enterprises and public bodies and institutions, Tazabek reported. German Economy Day will discuss agriculture, food, energy, economy and innovations issues. The forum gives an opportunity for the interested German companies to present their products and solutions to participants of the event. German companies that will visit Kyrgyzstan: Caisley, AFC, HANSA, Knauf, Plattenhardt + Wirth GmbH, Solana, SCHMID, Schnepf, CLAAS, Etventure, Sewerin, Krones, Geotech Rohstoffe, and Festo. Leave a commentEdit Thai Gov starts reconciliation talksMarch 10, 2017 Thailand’s military-led interim government has for the first time held reconciliation talks with the party that suppor…