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Naman Dawar’s team wins the Pro-Am event of BILT Open 2015 The Pro-Am event of the BILT Open 2015 played at the Classic Golf & Country Club on Saturday was won by professional Naman Dawar’s team. The Pro-Am was played in the team scramble format where the team’s best ball was chosen on every shot including the putting green. After the best ball was chosen all other players were to place their ball within one score card length before continuing play. PGTI member Naman Dawar led his team to victory with a score of 55.8. Dawar’s team comprised of amateurs Mr. Amarjot Bedi, Mr. Sandeep Malhotra and Mr. Rajan Wadhawan. They won on a count-back. PGTI member Shankar Das’ team was second with a score of 55.8. Das’ team comprised of amateurs Mr. Ravi Puri, Mr. Ravi Shankar Singh and Mr. Sidharth Sangwan. PGTI member Kapil Kumar’s team finished third with a score of 56. Kapil’s team comprised of amateurs Mr. Inderjeet Singh, Mr. Joydeep Nayyar and Mr. A K Sinha. 0OCTOBER 10, 2015EDIT