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What is consciousness

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Naresh kumar sagar

The consciousness is the feature of mind, when our mind sees that object then its consciousness is reflected in its objects and the saying goes on SENSES is higher than the OBJECTS.similarly when sensuous subjects are in action we say senses are superior to the dull matters,when we explore beyond sense we look up to mind and there we call mind is higher than the senses. The higher mind which is inclusive of intellect,intuitive and premonition quality is higher than the lower mind .The divinity within yourself which act as observer an finite of infinite within you is higher than this higher mind.
The medium in which these above texts are either seen,observed or experience is a level of your consciousness. It has been said that the mind works for 2 to 3% of its efficient level well the explanation goes that while we live in two dimensional world how can we see beyond 2-3 dimensional aspects of the world.
The sages further says as you have to grow s…

Snap Polls in Italy - Prodi resings lost vote of confidence

Snap Polls in Italy - Prodi resings lost vote of confidence.
Centre -Left coalition of Prodi ruling alliance has run Italian
government for the periond ofe twenty months has been defeated on the
floor of the house and Prime Minister has resigned.

The decision of snap polls or to appoint an interim government invite
the opposition Leaders rest with President Giorgio Napolitano.

Forza Italia leader and most likely center right candidate for premier the media
tycoon and three-time Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi could find himself back
in power as soon as next week.Silvio Berlusconi,Centre right alliance
Leaderand former Prime Minister is strong contender to bounce back to poweras
his position evenly poised to win an early General election.Silvio Berlusconi,Centre right alliance Leaderand former Prime Minister is strong contender to bounce back to poweras his position evenly poised to win an early General election.

Mr Berlusconi announced a surprise party at his house in Rome.
Forza Italia a politi…

Blockade on Gaza Strip to continue

Gaza strip itself and its population 1.4millions are nominally governed by thePalestinian National Authority. Internal conflict between the Hamas and Fatah group in June2007 famous as Gaza battle the actual control is a defecto authority dominated by group Hamas. The Gaza Stripas per International law is not recognized with its sovereignity and country of its own entity. Israeli sanctions that control the movement of goods into Gaza have been described as illegal under international humanitarian law, according to the UNRWA.

srael decided to maintain the blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip but certain items would be allowed in out of bound area to provide basic Palestinian needs. - Defense Ministry officials led by Deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilnai on Wednesday night decided that the Hamas-controlled coastal enclave will continue remain sealed off. Items that will be allowed to out of bound area through will be fuel for Gaza power plants, gasoline for hospital ambulance…

Sachin 123 unbeaten 39th ton lifts Indian score to 309/5

Sachin 123 unbeaten 39th ton lifts Indian score to 309/5

Final session of first day of fourth test at Adelaide at the end of Eighty six overs bowled by the hosts India are 309 runs for five.Dhoni playing at six runs Sachin-123 scores his Thirty ninth century.
Clark bowled the last over of the day with Skipper Ricky Ponting taking his option of new balls which actually was due after eighty overs.Australia are seven over short of their total bowling quota at the start of tea session but at the close of the session were still on trail of four overs.Hosts atthe start of tea session loosing four wickets in quick succession found VVS Laxman batsman out after scoring 52 runs. Sachin and Laxman partnership yielded 126 runs at the final Test for India to level series against hosts.
Sachin was batting 123 at close of the game for the first day.Team India were 187for four at tea as wickets fell at close int…

Report on Life on Mars and The Man Figure

Report on Life on Mars and The Man Figure
by Nksagar | January 23, 2008 at 11:07 pm | 1345 views | 3 comments
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The Shot: Man Photographed on Mars?
The Shot: Man Photographed on Mars?
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Pictures Of UFOS On The Moon Taken By Astronauts And More
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An image like man is visible,the film shot by NASA four years back shows the Man on plant Mars in sitting postures waiting for something.Moot question raised "is there a life on Mars"?.

Internet is abuzz after the release of this photograph, taken by
the Mars explorer Spirit, which appears to show a human, or ape shaped
form that looks a lot like previous photographs purporting to have
captured Bigfoot.
Images beamed bac…

Chinese archaeologists find 100,000-year-old human skull

New Delhi, Jan.23 (ANI): Chinese archaeologists have reportedly found an almost complete human skull fossil, possibly dating back to 100,000 years.
The skull was found in China’s Henan province, and Chinese archaeologists hope the discovery will will shed light on a critical period of human evolution.
Shan Jixiang, the director of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, said the Henan find was made after two years of excavation at the site in Xuchang. Archaeologists have worked on an area of 260 square metres, merely one-hundredth of the Paleolithic site.
The fossil consists of 16 pieces of the skull with protruding eyebrows and a small forehead. More astonishing than the completeness of the skull is that it still has a fossilized membrane on the inner side, so scientists can track the nerves of the Paleolithic ancestors.
The pieces were fossilized because they were buried five metres near the mouth of a spring, whose water had a high content of calcium.
Besides the skull, more than…

Naval Chief {SSCP} Ram Sethu not good for big ships

The Sethusamudram Shipping Canal Project (SSCP), aimed at deepening the waters in Palk Straits, is a ‘viable’ one but will not be useful for the navigation of the big ships, Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Sureesh Mehta said.

“It is a viable project. But, on completion, it will be useful only for small ships and not to those navigating on international routes,” Mehta told the media on the sidelines of a meeting in Chennai last night.

When asked to elaborate, the Admiral said “this is Tamil Nadu. And it is a sensitive issue,” and declined to eloborate.

He made a speech on “Oceanic Influence on India’s Development in the next Decade”, at the Fifth T S Narayanaswamy Memorial Lecture.

SSCP was embroiled in controversy after BJP, AIADMK and other parties objected to the dredging of Ram Sethu, which formed part of the project. The Supreme Court also stayed the dredging work on Ram Sethu.

Brown conferred doctorate by Delhi University

Gordon Brown has been honoured with a doctorate degree by Delhi University in recognition of his achievements in the field of academics and public services.
Vice President Hamid Ansari, also the Chancellor of the University, presented the honorary degree to the British premier.
The degree is awarded to 57-year-old Brown for his “deep commitment to human values”, University Vice Chancellor Deepak Paintal said at the special convocation held at the historic Old Vice Regal Lodge.
Brown said it was a real privilege for him to get the degree from Delhi University which he described as one of the best Universities in the country.
He commended the university for fulfilling the educational needs of young people from as many as 60 countries, which is the largest presence of foreign students in any varsity in Asia.
In his acceptance speech, Brown spoke about the traditional ties with India and Britain and said it would play an important role in creating a new global framework of developed and develo…

President Mikheil Saakashvili sworn to lead Georgia

Mikheil Saakashvili was sworn in to lead for a second five year term as his opponents rallied for his election win to be overturned.

“I promise before the nation and God to protect the Georgian constitution,” Saakashvili, 40, said on Sunday in lavish ceremony on the steps of parliament watched by thousands of supporters and foreign dignitaries.

“We held the most democratic elections in Georgia’s history and in this election you made the choice for the unity of Georgia,” he said.

Saakashvili’s win in 5th January presidential elections has been widely recognised abroad despite the opposition’s objections, boosting a democratic image severely damaged by the violent break-up of opposition protests in November.

But tens of thousands of opposition protesters gathered at a Tbilisi racetrack in another part of the capital to call for the official results that gave Saakashvili 53 per cent of the vote to be overturned.

“We have to provide a counterweight to the masquerade that is taking place on Rus…

Bruni “not yet married” “I cannot take part in an official visit with the president,

Republic day parade on 26 Jan,President Sarkozy visit is another talk of the media with evincing interest as his girl friend Carla Bruni will accompany him.Ministry of external affairs in haze to her state of protocol to be accorded to her.

Bruni, 40, told left-wing daily Liberation that she and Sarkozy were planning on getting married, but she did not give any further details.

The couple”s whirlwind romance has sparked intense media interest, and has been blamed in part on a slump in popularity for Sarkozy, with voters unhappy about his ostentatious private life at a time when the economy is struggling.

Sarkozy, 52, hinted at a news conference earlier this month that he would marry Bruni and added that the media would probably find out about it after the event. Regional daily L”Est Republicain said last week that they had wed in private.

However, Liberation quoted Bruni as saying that she was “not yet married” but she added: “Even if we are planning to.”

French media have reported that In…

Italian PM Prod to seek vote of confidence today

Italian Premier Romano Prodi went before the Lower House ,premier's address opened a floor debate which will conclude with a confidence vote on Wednesday, after which Prodi will face the almost impossible task of winning a confidence test in the Senate.

Forza Italia leader and most likely center right candidate for premier the media tycoon and three-time Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi could find himself back in power as soon as next week.

Forza Italia a political outfit was formed in 1993 by Silvio Berlusconi, a successful businessman and owner of three of the main private television stations in Italy, along with Antonio Martino, Mario Valducci, Antonio Tajani, Marcello Dell”Utri, Cesare Previti and Giuliano Urbani.

Italy was shaken by a series of corruption scandals known as Tangentopoli and the subsequent police investigation, called Mani pulite.

Mastella,ex-justice minister decided to withdraw the support of his Udeur party,without the Udeur”s three senators Prodi no longer holds…