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Afghanistan president accused of rigging the vote

2009-08-24 09:26:28 - Abdullah Abdullah held a news conference in Kabul on Sunday to accuse the President Hamid Karzai’s of rigging the vote. The chief fraud investigator has said few allegations were serious enough to influence the outcome.

Millions of Afghans voted Thursday second-ever direct presidential election, Taliban threats and attacks led to low turnout, especially in the south, where support for Karzai is strong, Kargai or Abdullah unable to get to thirty six candidates wins a majority, the top two finishers face a runoff in October.

The plenary session of chairmen committee led by Mohammad Younis Qanooni, the
previous sessions working investigated and the next programs of Lower House was discussed and necessary decision were made.

Mr Abdullah,the Presidential candidate accused Karzai of wide range riggiing his team lodged more than hundred complaints with election officials.

The Afghan election credibility is questioned and investigating agency may not be able to complete their…