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Israel-Hamas truce begins Thursday

Egyptian made magnificient efforts to bring peace between Israel and Hamas, two ering group,the ceasefire beginning Thursday,Hamas the defacto rulers of Gaza strip.

Egypt official and Hamas spokesperson said earlier the ceasefire would come into effect on Thursday.

Hamas striking the peace deal has found their way to legitimacy in the Mideast peace process, Hamas being winner in Palestinian election but the world rejected them as radicals.Hamas has always said we are part of Palestine mainstream politics but few countries has tagged them as terror group.Jimmy Carter former President of US on his peace mission did spoke to Hamas to reach to consenus on broader terms inspite of unpleasant US President George Bush.

The peace has pen to end rocket and mortar bomb attacks on Israel from Gaza, as well as halt Israeli raids and air strikes in the Palestinian territory.

US officials has been rejecting Hamas in talks of peace process with rejected contact with Hamas because they view it as a ter…