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Indo-US Engineering Education Conclave

Union Minister for Human Resource Development, Shri Kapil Sibal said while inaugurating the Indo-US Engineering Education Conclave here today. He was giving an address on the subject, “Universities for the 21st Century: Promoting Innovation and Education”. He said, “The emerging meta-university, built on the power and ubiquity of the Web and launched by the open course ware movement, will give teachers and learners everywhere the ability to access and share teaching materials, scholarly publications, scientific works in progress, tele-operation of experiments, and worldwide collaborations, thereby achieving economic efficiencies and raising the quality of education through a global endeavor.”

The minister underlined that we need to toss out the old industrial model of pedagogy of how learning is accomplished and replace it with a new model called collaborative learning. He said, “In the industrial model of ‘mass production’, the teacher is the broadcaster. Broadcast learning may have b…

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