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3m3 minutes ago Delhi: HM Rajnath Singh & BJP Chief Amit Shah at Nitin Gadkari’s book release function
Dilli Haats adorned as Teej Festival Arrives
Delhi Tourism’s journey has always been about promoting culture and traditions not only prevalent in Delhi but India as a whole. The three Dilli Haats are a perfect example of the same as Delhi Tourism is back with the annual Teej Festival that has a lot in store for the visitors.
A festival of feasts and celebrations, Teej marks the welcome of the monsoon season during the month of ‘Shravan’ or ‘Saawan.’  The festival is primarily dedicated to Goddess Parvati and her union with Lord Shiva. Hence, it is also said to be an auspicious occasion for married women to be blessed with marital bliss. It is widely celebrated by women in North India especially in Rajasthan.
One of the highlighting features of the Teej Festival is the coming together of women enjoying theTeej Jhula, a swing hung from trees in villages and towns. The celebrations are accompanied by dancing, singing folk songs, dressing up in colourful outfits, ceremonial art of applying M…
THE MONSOON SESSION – IS IT INDIA’S LOSS?AUGUST 13, 2015EDIT Arun Jaitley THE MONSOON SESSION – IS IT INDIA’S LOSS? The scheduled Monsoon Session of Parliament has concluded today. Politically, this session was very educative but, frustrating. Parliament represents the best in Indian democracy. ‘Parliamentary paralysis without an issue’ signifies the vulnerability of the system. The importance of GST need not be overstated. It converts the whole country into one economic market. It facilitates the smooth and seamless transfer of goods and services. It reduces harassment and corruption. It mandates a uniform tax regime. It eliminates ‘Tax on Tax’. It adds buoyancy to tax revenue and has a favourable impact on the GDP. The GST has received consistent support from most mainstream parties. The Congress / UPA government announced this idea in 2006 and it introduced the Bill in 2011. Today, it seeks to go back on the GST. The objections in the Congress Party’s dissent note are contradictor…