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Ravi Shankar Prasad is yet realize the Opportunities Ahead –
‘Inexpensive Broadband Services At Par With Singapore Can Be Provided
in Cities With Months Indigenous and 4G can be rolled out in months
Covering Rural Areas.

 ‘UTILITY MODEL PATENT’ to Be Introduced shall empower Millions MSMEs &
Indians to ‘Inexpensively Protect Their Inventions’ and Compete Globally.

Manufacturing FOCUS - $4000b by 2025

Large, MSMEs shall FOCUS $100Trillion Avg World Market Size between 2015-25.

This Christmas & New Year brought Four Biggest News of Lifetime –
Piyush Goyal and Suresh Prabhu both realized Power Sector and Railways
should stay with PSUs.

There was also news that RIL shall exit Oil Blocks and obviously ONGC
shall takeover and develop Oil & Gas wells – for 16 years Ambani
Brothers together Hoarding Rs.2,30,000 crores of Bank Credit were NOT
HONESTLY developing Oil & Gas blocks – charged over $10b as
Capitalization whe…
Swachh Bharat invite by Swachh Bharat Mission Inbox x Swachh Bharat Mission<>Dec 20 (7 days ago)

to me
About Circle "Swachh Bharat"
Members: 232472 Founder: Ministry Of Urban Development Description: This circle brings together all citizens who want a Clean India. Through this circle, citizens will be able to share cleanliness initiatives, challenges, successes at a National Level as well as learn about best practices from each other. Members will also be able to give collective inputs to Ministry of Urban Development on an ongoing basis. Soon, members of this circle will have access to their local constituency circle on Swachh Bharat connecting them with fellow local residents and enabling them to organize/participate in clean up drives in their neighborhood/city. Together, let us make it a SWACHH BHARAT!

Whither Social Media By Suresh Panje There is this story about a gate-crasher at a wedding ceremony. Initially, the bride’s father presumed him to be one from the groom’s side while the ‘Baraat’ party accompanying the groom assumed him to be a member of the girl’s family. Thus this uninvited guest feasted on every delicacy sans any interaction or mingling with the other invitees. No wonder, at the end of it all, when he rent the air with a loud belch and was washing his hand after a hearty meal, the bride’s father felt suspicious and tapped him on his shoulder to ascertain as to who he is.
At this the gourmet never lost his cool and quipped, “You see, the jackfruit tree in your forecourt and the one in the backyard at my residence happen to be from the seeds of the same fruit. And that is our relationship!” Saying so, he departed from the scene, leaving everyone flabbergasted. On a cunning note, he seems to have mastered a basic formula of equation from algebra that i…
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Self-defense forces, Ukraine agree on 150 for 225 prisoner exchange An agreement has been reached with Ukraine on the exchange of prisoners on the ‘all for all’ basis, according to Aleksandr Zakharchenko, the leader of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic. “We succeeded in reaching agreement on the exchange of prisoners… 150 for 225,” TASS quoted him as saying after the meeting in Minsk. It is early to talk about any other agreements, he said.
Yemen’s second-highest intelligence official kidnapped Suspected Shiite rebels have kidnapped Yemen’s second-highest intelligence official from his house in the capital Sanaa, security officials said. The gunmen went to Major General Yehia al-Marani’s house at dawn on Thursday, and demanded that he go with them, AP reported. The gunmen were identified as Shiite rebels known as the Houthis, who took control of Sanaa in September, challenging the central government.
Rebels in Somalia say attacking main African Union base Soma…
Sharing Infrastructure, Capital & Knowledge Keys To Success
December24, 2014 (C) Ravinder Singh

Gross inefficiency of Indian economy is reflected by India’s share in
global wealth at just 1.4% 2014 which was 1% in 2000 but in per capita
terms Wealth Growth compared to the world average is 0.1% growth in 14

Last 16 years of NDA and UPA stable governments that lasted full term
had been extremely poor. Median income of Indians has fallen behind by
around 30% in 2000-2014 period.

Global Wealth Data Book 2014
    Wealth 2000    Wealth 2014    Median 2000    Median 2014    Growth    Percent
China    $ 4,664b/ 4%    $21,404b/8.1%    $2703    $7033    $4330    160%
India    $1,163b/ 1%    $3,604b/ 1.4%    $588    $1006    $418    71%
World    $117t    $263.2t    $1740    $3641    $1901    109%

Three Key Features missing in Indian Growth Agenda are

1.    Sharing of Infrastructure,
2.    Sharing of Capital,
3.    Sharing of Knowledge & IPR

This has left India as most ‘Unco…