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GDP first quarter (Q1) of 2014-15 is estimated to be 5.7 per cent30082014 Finance Ministry states that the performance of the economy in the First Quarter of the FINANCIAL Year 2014-15 is broadly on expected lines. Responding to the estimates of GDP for the first quarter of 2014-15 as released today by the Central Statistics Office (CSO), the Ministry states that with improvement witnessed in some important sectors including manufacturing as well as in the performance of exports (that REGISTERED a growth of 11.5 per cent at 2004-05 prices), along with the measures taken by the Government, the economy can be expected to show further improvement in the remaining part of the year. Growth in GDP at factor cost at constant (2004-05) prices (real GDP) for the first quarter (Q1) of 2014-15 is estimated to be 5.7 per cent as against 4.7 per cent in Q1 of 2013-14. The growth rate for the FINANCIAL year 2013-14 was 4.7 per cent. At the sectoral level, the growth rate is 3.8 per cent for agricul…
 India ’s Foreign Trade and Investments.28082014 India’s foreign trade has shown strong signs of recovery during the recent months. July exports growth in consistent with the previous month posted positive growth at 7.3%, however, trade deficit is registered at US$ (-) 12.2 billion as compared with US $ (-) 11.8 billion in June 2014. Trade deficit, though increased for the month of July but cumulative trade deficit from April – July 2014 is registered at US $ 45 billion which is relatively less as compared with US $ 60 billion registered during April-July 2013. The trade balance in services remained in surplus at  US $ 5.7 billion for the month of June 2014.
TheFDI equity inflows in the month of June 2014 are estimated at around US$ 1.9 billion as against about US$ 3.6 billion in May 2013, posting a growth (Y-O-Y) of 34%. According to a global deal tracking firm Mergermarket, Mergers and acquisitions (M&As) in India witnessed a significant rise to US $17.1 billion, with a growth (Y…