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NATIONAL ALLIANCE OF PEOPLE’;S MOVEMENTS National Office : 6/6 Jangpura B, New Delhi – 110 014 . Phone : 011 2437 4535 | 9818905316 E-mail: | Web : Uttar Pradesh Government Continues Forcible Land Acquisition in Name of DevelopmentRelease Medha Patkar, Amarnath Bhai and 14 Other Detained Activists NowWithdraw false Charges Against Dr. Chandra Patel and immediately release 42 farmers, including 13 children languishing in jail since September 9Allahabad / New Delhi : Once again the Uttar Pradesh government has shown its anti people face by curbing free movement, detaining activists, arresting protesting farmers, including children, and levelling false charges, all in the name of development. The wounds of police firing on people protesting against the construction of Kanhar Dam have not healed and yet again UP government has resorted to repression against people protesting destruction of their livelihood. Late last night, Allahadbad police, firstly, …