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Radical Bombers R Doctors

Eight suspects of Glassgow bombing are young muslim,connected to doctors fraternity.
They come from Jordan, Iran and other Middle Eastern countries and India.It has not been confirmed as how and when they teamed together to be part of radical group.Last suspect to be arrested was Hanif Mohd aged 27 years from bribane airport as he tried to board back home as he was working in Aussie.Leader of Al Qaeda had already declared a war against American and Biritish to be right first in their target list.

This foiled attempt by metropolitan police to bomb by Docters in Uk must not put total Muslim community in globe under suspicion as all are not radicals.Let there be an effort of making the communties work in united way to have more confidence.

Violence of radicals should not assume significance of clash of two Civilization.Human mind does need change of thought and change for wisdom is always beneficial for all the global community.