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WikiLeaks frontman's Julian Assange Swede Most wanted

Swedish police said Thursday no mistakes were made when filing an international arrest warrant for Julian Assange, refuting a British report that a Swedish blunder could have delayed the WikiLeaks frontman's arrest.

"For us there is no problem, but we are investigating," Tommy Kangasvieri of the Swedish National Criminal Police told AFP."At the moment, we are talking with the UK to know if there is a problem and what it is," he added.

The Times newspaper reported Thursday that British police knew where the Internet whistleblower was -- believed to be a location in southeast England -- but could not act on the information as the European arrest warrant was incorrectly filled out.

Sweden issued an arrest warrant for the 39-year-old Australian on November 18, citing "probable cause of suspected rape, sexual molestation and unlawful coercion" related to contacts with two women in Sweden in August.On Tuesday, Assange's lawyer appealed to Sweden's Supr…