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Gandhis on bail at National Herald case‬December 19, 2015 Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi granted bail. Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi get bail on furnishing personal bond of Rs.50,000 and one surety each. Next date of hearing is 20th February 2016. There are in total  six accused in the National Herald case each get bail. Sonia and Rahul get bail on furnishing personal bond of Rs.50,000 and one surety each.-Priyanka Vadra and senior Congress leaders leave the Patiala House court after the Gandhis and others get bail on Saturday. All the  accused sought bail and got it. No exemption from appearance sought, says Counsel Sibal. The Gandhis and others are likely to appear before the court on Feb. 20, 2016. Subramanian Swamy asked for travel restrictions to be placed on the accused but the judge declined that, said Kapil Sibal Sam Pitroda did not appear today citing health issues and the court granted exemption to him. Priyanka Vadra stood surety for Rahul Gandhi, A.K. Antony for Sonia Gandhi…
SAB GOLMAAL HAI SAB GOLMAAL HAI 1 This is a PC by volunteers of AAP. Let me reiterate volunteers and not political workers. 2 AAP was supposed to be  continuation of a political avtar of anti corruption andolan to continue the struggle to achieve the aim of Vivastha Parivartan. 3 We Believe AAP ideology of SAWRAJ, Its VISION , the spirit of original constitution( ironically all the three written by Kejriwal) is still the best tool and the weapon in the hands of AAM AADMI of INDIA to achieve the aim of Vivastha Parivartan and we whole heartedly support any political party, movement or individuals to tread the above mentioned path 4 we will whole heartedly oppose any political party, Organisation and Individuals who support prevailing vivastha 5 Unfortunately the “Senapati” of the most gallant soldier of anti corruption army i.e the volunteers  of AAP have fallen down from the grace. The anti corruption fight has come to the stage where it can be described verse of Shah Mohammad on AN…
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Lotería 2015: el mayor premio es compartirlo, pero con Hacienda... que recaudará 188 millones de euros
Los agraciados en el sorteo del 22 de diciembre recibirán el premio con el impuesto ya descontado.