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India inch to seven percent inflation

India with foreign investment pouring the government getting best of revenue has increased the pay package in span of ten years that inflation was imminent.India stands at cross road of development but with national character at low ebb will India survive.The policy maker have the immense responsibility to take the nation to developed state with industrialist and business men compete ting the global market.

India inches towards seven percent inflation as reports by government run media PTI.With price rise of essential items,energy,food,transport,metals,minerals are skyrocketed with government trying to put curbs to slash the inflation which has its cue from the global economy and lack of management of Indian economy.Each day growing inflation, burden raw materials cost,energy cost escalating export orders at low ebb with low consumer demand and more free markets puts Indian economy falter.

Retail prices essential items have increased by up to 11 per cent in the national capital in last …