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International aids called- Nargis affected in Burma

Leaders of Burma has asked for International aid as more than 15000 peoples have died and 30000 missing with more than ninty two thousands people are in state of homeles as wind of 190KM/H has brought devastation to their living condiitions.

Relief Minister Maj. Gen. Maung Maung Swe said in meeting with diplomats,the referendum scheduled for Saturday could be postponed by ''a few days'' in the worst-affected areas, but state media indicated Monday that the May 10 date was still set.

Rangoon in Mess:
Rangoon media reports, people say that the 400,000-strong military was doing little to help victims after Saturday's storm, they were found clearing streets where the ruling elite resided,leaving residents to help themselves on their own in most other areas. Residents, as well as Buddhist monks from the city's many monasteries, banded together on Monday, wielding axes and knives took to clear roads of tree trunks and branches strew,scattered by the cyclone’s 190 kph (…

Thailand,Vietnam,Malaysia;Emerge Robust economy

Thailand,Vietnam,Malaysia;Emerge Robust economy.
Prosperity knock at Staple food producing countries.

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2008-05-04 05:24:16 - Rice exports are being handled cautiously by Vietnam,India and Bangladesh. Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar willing to form OPEC like organisation to check rise in rice prices.

Rice,Wheat and Maize staple foods producing countries to have strong economy base.Countries with best attention to agrarian policy is to outshine its counterparts.
Rice producing countries, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Vietnam,India,China are chief countries on way to get a big boost in their economy with best managment.

South asian countries are planning to make a pool of conglomerate of rice producing countries of
their zone however their efforts has not taken any concrete idea,the lurking thought prevail still to be unveiled due to political differences.

Economy of Thailand, Malaysia, Vietanam is growing at ease pace with strong base of agriculture outputs.Th…