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Netanyahu leads Israel vote January 25, 2013 In results that defied expectations, the centrist Yesh Atid became Israel’s second strongest party, just a year after it was created by former journalist Yair Lapid, who has overnight become the country’s newest political star.
And the strong results for centrist parties left the Knesset’s 120 seats equally divided by the country’s rightwing and centre-left blocs.
Though the split means the centre-left could seek to prevent Netanyahu from forming a government, his strong showing leaves him well-placed to form a broad-based coalition, analysts said.
With 99.5 percent of the votes counted, Israel’s electoral committee said the list grouping Netanyahu’s rightwing Likud and the secular nationalist Yisrael Beitenu faction had won 31 seats.
The national religious Jewish Home won 11 seats, as did the Sephardic ultra-Orthodox Shas. The Ashkenazi ultra-Orthodox United Torah Judaism faction won seven seats, bringing the blo…
Oriental Bank of Commerce announced Q3 2012-13 ResultsPosted on January 25, 2013 by sagarmedia Oriental Bank of Commerce announce the Q3 Financial Results 2012 – 13 in New Delhi Oriental Bank of Commerce accompanied by EDs Mr V. Kannan & Mr Bhupinder Nayyar announcing the Q3 Financial Results 2012 – 13 in New Delhi. Also seen in the picture is Mr C. M. Khurana, CFO of the Bank.
HIGHLIGHTS OF FINANCIAL RESULTS FOR Q3 OF FY-2012-13                                                                                                                                     (Rs. In Crore)
Q3 FY-2012-13 Q3 FY-2011-12 % Growth (YoY) Nine Months ended 31.12.12 Nine Months ended 31.12.11 % Growth (YoY) Operating Profit926.38 827.08 12.01% 2744.16 2386.66 14.98% Net Interest Income (NII)1204.44 1139.89 5.66% 3487.39 3147.64 10.79% Non Interest Income377.80 295.27 27.95% 1193.00 896.50 33.07% Dec,2012 Dec,2011 Growth (YoY) Business Mix2,92,118 2,66,892 9.45% Total Deposits1,68,492 1,56,194 7.87% Total Advances1,23,626 1,10,698 11.6…
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Advances in Digital Publishing Technologies Help Brands Tap into Mobile Consumers Shopping and Catalog Apps Provide More Tailored Experiences than Mobile Browsers INDIA — Jan. 23, 2013—  Increased consumer interest in using shopping applications means retailers must adapt to meet the rising expectations for specialized mobile shopping experiences, according to researchreleased today by Adobe Systems Incorporated. The U.S. study, 2013 Digital Publishing Report: Retail Apps & Buying Habits reveals insights on perceptions and attitudes toward mobile shopping using retail apps and browsers, providing new direction for retailers to develop their digital publishing strategies. The research is based on an online survey with a nationally representative sample of 1,003 consumers who own a smartphone and/or tablet. The survey results indicate that tablet users (55%) are almost twice as likely as smartphone users (28%) to use their device to purchase products and services. Across both mobile p…