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Snap election follow if hung parliament

Hung parliament is one in which no one political party has an outright majority, and means it is most commonly equally balanced.All political analyst has common conclusion that fractured verdict in the Lok Sabha elections shall be outcome of 15 Lok Sabha polls.Samajwadi Party has said no party was "untouchable" because of the likely fractured verdict in the Lok Sabha elections but asserted there was "very little chance" of it supporting the NDA.

SP leader Amar Singh echoed party chief Mulayam Singh's view that the party will support the alliance at the Centre which will help topple the Mayawati government in Uttar Pradesh."Samajwadi Party saved the country on July 22, 2008 when Congress-led UPA won the confidence motion in Parliament with SP's support otherwise the country would have faced a troublesome situation," he said.

President K R Narayanan carried out a careful exercise of ascertaining who shall get a chance to rule during hung parliament to…