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Lara-Lappa Budget – 900 Jetliners vs 700 LocosON FEBRUARY 3, 2018 BY NARESH SAGARLEAVE A COMMENTEDIT February02, 2018 (C) Ravinder Singh
There is general perception that this government works for Rich & Super Rich – this was evident when budget speech disclosed when for Rich Class 900 Jetliners are to be inducted by private airlines and 90 airports to be built to cost Rs.6,00,000 Crores – to sustain 18% growth in aviation sector to be SUCKED UP FROM BANKS NO NEED OF BUDGET but Indian Railways Mainline throughput is ZERO in four years – IR is to Induct 700 Locos worth Rs.5,000 Cr for Rest of 1.3b Indians mostly as replacement for aging Diesel or Electric Locos., Air Traffic Doubled in 4 Years – 614 Lakh 2013 to 117 Lakh in 2017 No Budget Allocation Growth in all major sectors in this year’s. Tax Receipts Growth UPA 20% in 2 Yrs, NDA – 27% in 3 Yrs ACTUAL TAX Receipts i…