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Why BJP lost Public verdict.?

BJP is political outfit of RSS - the ideology -the idea of running the nation with nationalist approach.But within the ideation the many more thoughts which put up the hypothesis on the forfront lacks the national unity.What a contradiction of thoughts to have nationalism but within nationalism if one builds a feudal structure to remin at the top and rule in pretenteous way to be the caretaker of all section of society

Saffron color with which the party has been painted needs to paints itself with more dynamic ideas of running the nation from the rural background working for the masses and not remain the plutocratic form of goverance.Exdous of mass leaders for their differences in opinions have marred the party to its core and remained a party of managers and organisers.

The National party ought to have national unity programme and conductive plans for the welfare of masses with special attention for the poorest of the poor being fed by the methodical movements along with education and…