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Hi Naresh,

Lakhs of Indians, including you, took action to stop violence against women over the last 3 weeks.  On, more than 470,000 people from across the world signed several petitions asking the Government of India to take concrete steps and stop violence against women.  Thanks to public pressure The Delhi Government set up fast track courts.The Union Government set up Justice Verma commission to provide recommendations for speedier justice and punishment in sexual assault cases.The Chief Justice of India wrote to all High Courts advising them to set up fast track courts specifically for cases of violence against women. While public pressure has forced the Government to take some steps, there is a lot left to be done. Some people have already started campaigns on to stop violence against women.  Here are some of the campaigns you might be interested in supporting. Abolish the ‘Two Finger’ Test
Kavita Krishnan started a petition asking for the abolition o…
International Tourism Mart at Guwahati
The Union Ministry of Tourism will organise an International Tourism Mart at Guwahati from 18th to 20th of this month. Announcing this at a press conference in New Delhi today, Union Tourism Minister Shri K. Chiranjeevi said that this will not only be the first ever International Tourism event to be organised in the north-eastern region, but also the first International Tourism Mart to focus on a specific region of India. He said “It will bring together the tourism business fraternity and entrepreneurs from the eight north eastern States of India and West Bengal. The event has been planned and scheduled to facilitate interaction between buyers, sellers, media, Government agencies and others.

The Minister informed that about 100 delegates including tourism Ministers, Tourism Secretaries, Tour operators, Hoteliers and Media Representatives from Australia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Combodia, France, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Korea, Lao PDR, Malaysia…
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AirAsianamed as ‘Best managed company overall in Malaysia’ and ‘Best managed company in Asia – Airlines/Aviation’ by Euromoney Magazine
SEPANG, 10 JANUARY 2013 - Leading international magazine Euromoney has today named AirAsia Berhad as winner of the overall best managed company in Malaysia as well as the best managed company in Asia in the Airlines/Aviation sector for the Euromoney ‘Best Managed and Governed Companies - Asia poll 2013’.
The poll is based on replies received from a total of 130 of the leading equity analysts at the largest investment banks and research houses in the Asia Pacific region nominating a total of 207 different companies. Analysts were asked to name which companies were the most impressive across a number of factors including; management accessibility, accounting transparency and corporate governance procedures amongst others.
Analysts praised AirAsia for its leading role in promoting transparent communication to investors, citing that “the…
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