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Tu Hai Mera Sunday ON OCTOBER 6, 2017 BY NARESH SAGARLEAVE A COMMENTEDIT Milind Dhaimade’s first full length feature, Tu Hai Mera Sunday is inspired by true life events Tu Hai Mera Sunday is a film about five friends who play football at Juhu Beach in Mumbai and is a light-hearted Mumbai based story. They are not (professional) football players but a regular bunch of guys, who don’t have anything in common, but have met at different stages of life and become close friends. Recently the cast along with the director promoted their film in Royal Plaza, Delhi and interacted with the media. The film revolves around the bunch of friends for whom; their Sunday football game on the beach is the only thing that they look forward to. One day, a crazy old man joins the group and does something which leads to a ban on playing at Juhu beach. Now these five guys have to find a place to play in Mumbai and intermittently, you see their lives and how each one is dealing with their own space in Mumbai. Ba…
August 2017 CPI inflation stands at 3.36%ON OCTOBER 5, 2017 BY NARESH SAGARLEAVE A COMMENTEDIT Rural India inflation stands at 3.30% in August 2017 as compared to 2.41% in July 2017 and Urban India inflation stands at 3.35% in August 2017 as compared to 2.17% in July 2017
The all India general CPI inflation (Combined) for August 2017 stands at 3.36% as compared to 2.36% in July 2017. The inflation rates for rural and urban areas for August 2017 are 3.30% and 3/.35%  respectively, as compared to 2.41% and 2.17% respectively, for July 2017. Rate of inflation during August  2017 for sugar and confectionery stands at 7.35%, pan and tobacco at 6.85%, cereals and products at 3.87%, milk and products at 3.58%, egg at (-)1.67%, spices at (-)1.74%, pulses and products at (-)24.43% etc.      Consumer Price Inflation (Combined)(%) Ending Child Marriage and Dowry:An Initiative by Govt of Bihar and UNICEFON OCTOBER 5, 2017 BY NARESH SAGARLEAVE A COMMENTEDIT Ending Child Marriage and Dowry: An Initiativ…