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TCS FY16 Hire 28.2% – 90,182 Fire 17.5% – 55,995 EmployeesOctober 29, 2016 October29, 2016 (C) Ravinder Singh It is Astonishing 150 years old TATA GROUP Under Ratan Tata rule of 22
years TATA Group is reduced to a JUNK, out of $125b worth – $90b is
contributed by TCS and JLR as On October06, 2016. TATA COMPANIES WERE
STARTED BEFORE CYRUS MISTRY TOOKOVER. Tata companies, taken together, generated revenues of $103.51 billion
(around Rs.6,77,556 crore) in 2015-16, with 67.3 percent of this
coming from international businesses.
Tata Motors FY16 Net Revenue Rs.2,75,561 Cr – Foreign Sales 84.6%
TM Standalone Rs.42,369 Cr – 15.4%; PBT Rs.150 Cr of Rs.13,980 Cr
Indian Operations Contributes 1% To Tata Motors PBT Rest of $35b Worth of Tata Group are Lame Duck Companies surviving on
$50b debt which are growing everyday. TCS was founded to automate Offices & Accounts of Tata Group companies
in 1968 in FT2016 Hired 90,182 or 28.2% of Employees but also fired
55,995 or 17.5% o…