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Viktor Yanukovych the Ukrainian President

Viktor Yanukovych takes oath as Ukrainian President, the opposition leader, Mr. Viktor Yanukovych, who won Presidential earlier this month has been sworn in as the country's new President.He swore the oath of office in parliament today, in front of deputies and visiting foreign heads of state and representatives.Yanukovych took the oath of office as Ukraine's fourth president by vowing to keep his country at an equal distance from Moscow and the West thus takes U turn away from the policies of his predecessor, Viktor Yushchenko, who alienated Russia by pressing for NATO membership. Kremlin source said Thursday that Medvedev's absence should not be misinterpreted. "This has no political overtones but is purely a matter of timetables. An inauguration is just a protocol event," the source said on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to make public comments about the matter.

But the real reason for his absence might be a foreign policy rivalry between…

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Leaders welcome India-Pak Secretary-level

Former President of Pakistan Mushraf said on NDTV that he look forward with anxiety that two neighbours peace talks reach logical conclusions. With more than a year hiatus, Foreign Secretaries of India and Pakistan met in New Delhi on Thursday structure the fractured talks with an aim of vent out the heatl in the relations caused by Mumbai attacks.( - "With respect to India and Pakistan, we've encouraged the resumption of the direct talks which were suspended when Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf left office," Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told a Senate panel on Wednesday. The Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia, Robert Blake, had termed it as a significant breakthrough."We welcome very much the fact that these talks are taking place. I think this is a significant breakthrough, and I really want to commend both the Indians and the Pakistanis for arranging these talks," Robert Blake said in an interview to the BBC.