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Viktor Yanukovych Wins Ukraine vote

PRO-RUSSIAN opposition leader Viktor Yanukovych declared victory in Ukraine's presidential run-off election and Orange Revolution seems buried. Tymoshenko, known for catalyst role of the 2004 Orange Revolution called for mass protests, had said she would call supporters into the streets if she deemed Sunday's election fraudulent.

( - Mykhailo Okhendovskyi, a member of the Central Electoral Commission, announced this at a news briefing."We will be hoping that the Central Electoral Commission will be able to obtain the originals of the protocols from all district election commissions, without exception, by the end of the week," Okhendovskyi said.

Okhendovskyi further adds that there was a delay in receiving electronic data about
the contents of the election-result protocols from polling-station election commissions in 10 regions.In particular, he expressed concern that the relevant data have not yet been received from six districts in the Crimea and the Lu…