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Hillary Clinton: India trade within five pillars

2009-07-19 05:59:06 - US secretary of state Hillary Clinton with no branding on South Asian policy from the US government which has been put on halt due to Myanmar and North Korea rethinking to put a concrete and on going war situation in Iraq and Afghanistan, US on next agenda for Iran to have nuclear policyin line with global policy.Ino-US will have new friendly relation to seek soicial and economical for upgrading business and trade between the two countries which is need of the hour plus in their strategic partnership and deepen their engagement.

India and the United States plan to take their strategic and economic cooperation to a new high by launching an important dialogue on what is called ‘five pillars” during the five-day visit of US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.Hillary Clinton enter in discussions at India Inc meet on climate change and clean energy were “extremely productive” Clinton said, adding “the point was made that there is no contradiction between poverty elimin…