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NASA : Search for Alien Life on Saturn’s Moon
On Thursday NASA announced a mission to land a car-sized robot quadcopter on Saturn’s moon Titan in 2026. After it reaches Titan in 2034, the craft, called Dragonfly, will fly around Titan for two-and-a-half years to try and understand the processes that formed the 5150 km-wide moon. Titan is considered significant because its atmosphere hosts complex organic molecules. The moon’s surface has mountains of ice and liquids seas of hydrocarbons (mainly methane and ethane), making it the only solar system object to sustain stable liquid bodies on its surface. Scientists also think there could be an ocean of liquid water under Titan’s icy surface. All these features mean that Titan could potentially harbour or sustain life. Europe’s Huygens probe was the first to touch down on Titan, in January 2005. at June 28, 2019No comments:  India Won’t Bow to International Climate Pressur…