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Taiwan Opposition KMT party win Parliamentary elections

Taiwan's central election commission has declared,on Saturday, the Nationalist KMT party along with its allies have won 86 parliament seats with absolute majority in the house of 113 seats,the Ruling Democratic party stood second with 27 seats.This has given KMT a clear chance to win Presidential election due on 22 March.

It is clear that people are yearning for change, after eight years of suffering," KMT presidential candidate and front runner Ma Ying-jeou told a press conference.

President Chen Shui-bian, hawkish Taiwan's independent identity from Beijing and the United States has proved fatal to him in this election.Chen, who campaigned tirelessly for his DPP, argued that Taiwan's separate identity is vital to its democracy, and warned voters that the KMT would sell Taiwan out to China if returned to power.

Chen said,"I am willing to shoulder all of the responsibility," a stern-faced Chen told a press conference, announcing he would resign as chairman of…