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Moscow voting for Putin

Moscow is voting for Putin " oR- United Russia Party
News Type: Event — Fri Nov 30, 2007 10:36 AM IST
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Naresh kumar sagar

United Russia party who is in advantageous position to secure the chances of governing Russia is in fact gets 35% votes on survey of pre polls but some Poll survey exhibits that party is ranked with 55% with majority in its grip.

Weekend election campaign, a over-confidence may not bring results in favor of Putin’s party, hence he declares on national channels,“Don't, please don't think that the direction and pace of our development will be maintained automatically. That's a dangerous illusion.

United Russia party an outfit on which Putin rides to remain as National Leader whereas his counterparts Leaders of other political parties questions the validity of freedom of use of national and private channels in election campaign in comparison to other parties in fray.

Russians, electronic media, A Channel One spokeswoman said earl…