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Eruption of Italy’s Etna volcano shuts down airportDecember 5, 2015 Eruption of Italy’s Etna volcano shuts down airport Major eruption of Italy’s Etna volcano shuts down airport. Fire and hot ash erupted high into the sky from Sicily’s Mount Etna, Europe’s highest active volcano, forcing the closure of an airport about 70 kilometers away. Flights to and from the Aeroporto dello Stretto in Reggio Calabria, which is separated from Sicily by the Strait of Messina, were diverted to nearby Lamezia Terme. Rome based National Institute of Geophysics and Vulcanology said that the eruption formed an ash column about seven kilometers high and caused lava to flow from the Voragine crater for the first time in two years. The eruption, according to INGV, is among the most energetic of the past 20 years. Leave a commentEdit China’s 1st manned electric aircraft gets license for productionDecember 5, 2015
China’s first manned electric aircraft, a two seater plane powered by rechargeable lithium batteri…
ModiEra: A3 Postoffice Janak Puri New Delhi tobe post-bank’s plightDecember 5, 2015Naresh Sagar Naresh Kumar Sagar’s :.The Post office is central subject and is covered under federal structure in Era of Modi the common man expected the system to wok efficiently with his best diction and slogan,” Minimum Government Maximum Governance. A3 Post office Janakpuri New Delhi the manual  post office is under the scheme of  “Digital India, ” on way to be Post Bank. Great effort indeed by the government but Ground zero lack Quality. thus manual post office is converted o Postbank but the unit must be given proper logistics and human resources  so that government can get more funds and post bank dream take shape but not remain dream till the Modiera.
“A3 post office janak puri New Delhi is changing to post bank but with single person unable to give services to its 16000 account holders in true sense. Minister plus department lame duck.” Every day single officer desk has to undergo trivial human …
Eubiq (India) Private Limited Concept Store – Kurla , Mumbai Eubiq was founded in 2000 with the vision of becoming the world leader in the new generation of power outlet system. Eubiq invented and patented the GSS power outlet system in 2000. This track-based and ultra-flexible system was awarded worldwide patents since 2003. Worldwide sales commenced in the same year. Headquartered in Singapore, Eubiq has a regional office in India covering the Indian & South Asian market . The Eubiq India operations started its direct opreation in 2012 to meet the increasing demands from the Indian market. Eubiq India’s network of distributors spans across India and Eubiq’s products are widely used in all sectors of residential, commercial and industrial. The list of satisfied customers throughout India includes hospitals, banks, hotels, government sector, institutions to individual home owners. In recognition of the strengths and achievements, the Eubiq GSS System has won multiple awards includ…