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Sri Lankan flouting human rights

2009-02-21 05:53:31 - The two Black Air Tigers, Col. Roopan and Lt. Col. Siriththiran with blue tiger award for carrying out attack on Sri Lankan targets met LTTE leader Velupillai Pirapaharan before embarking on their Friday mission. Duo claimed two aircraft of Black Air Tiger mission diving into Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) Headquarters in Colombo and into the SLAF base at Katunayaka, carrying out air raids in which two person have died and 58 persons injured.

Two LTTE aircrafts tactically carried to hit two Sri Lanka Air Force installations in Colombo at Sri Lankan AF Headquarters at Katunayake between 9:20 and 9:45 p.m. Friday. In this air bombing 58 persons inured out of which 47 of Sri Lanka Air Force airmen, were rushed to base hospital . Many of the wounded have sustained serious injuries, two
of them succumbed to their injuries and at least 6 persons were wounded inside Katunayake airbase.

Military spokesman Brig. Udaya Nanayakkara said the wreckage and the body of one pilot was r…

Netanyahu offers Livni Dy PM

Israel politics is in midst of total neo political thoughts where the old gold labor party has received jolt and Likud party splinter groups Livni forming Kadmia outfit is in loggerhead for the top post in Israel governace nucleus role.2009-02-21 06:51:45 - Netanyahu is working for national unity coalition with centrist and left-wing partnersm to form broad unity coaltion government."I call on Kadima chairwoman Tzipi Livni and Labor party chairman Ehud Barak and I say to them - let's unite to secure the future of the State of Israel. I ask to meet with you first to discuss with you a broad national unity government for the good of the people and the state," Netanyahu said.

President Shimon Peres pressing to form national unioty coalition with knesset factions and Netanyahu on Friday accepted the formal invitation from President Shimon Peres to form the next government, saying he feels a great responsibility to provide Israel with security and peace. He at helm of afafairs…

SAARC Festival of Literature opens on 12th March in Agra

SAARC Festival of Literature will run from 12th March to 17th March in the city of Taj Mahal, Agra and will come to close in Delhi on the 17th March 2009. Foundation of SAARC Writers and Literature is organizing the Festival at difficult times when expectations from creative fraternity and right-minded peace activists have soared high in the aftermath of unprecedented terrorists attack on Mumbai, and sensitivities of the creative fraternity across the SAARC region, particularly in India and Pakistan, are shaken and bruised.

FOSWAL invites one and all to the 29th SAARC Festival of Literature, and urge them to join in the reaffirmation of the pledge of the creative fraternity to stand together for peace and tranquility even in these times of terror and to celebrate the civilisational continuity of culture and creative writings of the entire SAARC region. The Festival will cover a wide range of themes from role of wordsmiths in times of terror to its impact on popular culture, prevailin…

Israel hung knesset PM in rotation

2009-02-19 03:39:18 - Peres received the results by the CEC chairman, Supreme Court Justice Eliezer Rivlin, Peres said committee members he was certain "a blessed partnership" would be formed, and said he was confident Israel's leaders would have the country's best interests in mind throughout the process.

President Shimon Peres orks coalition with knesset factions to give top slot to one of the leader of party leaders along with the task of forming the next government after consultations with delegations from each of the 12 parties that won seats in the next Knesset parliament. Kadima secured 28 seats in the Knesset election, while Likud took 27 seats,YIsrael Beiteinu scored 15,Labor party languished at 13,Shas won 11,Jewish home a conglomerate of two won 3,United Tohrah Judaism won 5,United arab List-Ta'al at 4,National Union won 4,New movement-Meretz got 3,Balad won 3 were the major parties in the 120-member parliament.
The three left-wing parties of Kadima, Lab…