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ISRO successfully ground-tests Cryogenic Upper Stage engine meant for rocket GSLV-Mark-IIIJanuary 28, 2017 Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has successfully ground tested the Cryogenic Upper Stage engine meant for the rocket GSLV-Mark-III. In a release, the space agency has said the indegenously developed engine, designated as C25, was tested for a duration of 50 seconds in its Propulsion Complex at Mahendragiri in southern Tamil Nadu, demonstrating all the stage operations. The performance of the Cryogenic Upper Stage during the test was as predicted. This is the first in a series of two tests. The next one is planned for a flight duration of 640 seconds shortly. The national space agency has termed the 50 second test as a significant milestone in the development of indigenous cryogenic propulsion technology. It adds, the successful hot test in the first attempt itself demonstrates ISRO’s ability to work in such complex and new areas. The GSLV-Mark-III rocket fitted with the…
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Bangladesh is about to pass a law that could force underage girls to marry their rapists. But the Prime Minister is a leader of women’s empowerment and a massive call on her to be a hero for girls everywhere could encourage her to cut the child rape clause. Join now and spread the word:


With the stroke of her pen, Bangladesh’s Prime Minister can become a champion for millions of girls -- or pass a law that could force girls to marry their rapists!