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Spain, Greece evacuating embassy workers from Libya Spain said on Thursday it was pulling its ambassador and embassy staff out of Libya temporarily, Reuters said. Madrid evacuated 29 Spanish residents and their families on Tuesday. “The situation in Libya will get much worse very quickly,” Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Garcia Margallo told parliament, as clashes among rival militia push the North African country further into chaos. Greece is also sending vessels to Libya to evacuate embassy workers and a few hundred Chinese and European nationals.
Ukrainian parliament votes against PM Yatsenyuk’s resignation Ukrainian parliament overwhelmingly rejected Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk’s resignation on Thursday, Reuters said. MPs earlier in the day approved legislation the prime minister said was needed to avoid a financial default.
Snowden’s asylum application to be decided in 1-2 days Former US intelligence contractor Edward Snowden is waiting for the Russian authorities’ decision, ei…
Rajasthan Amendments to Labour Law will create many more Bhopal’s Gas Tragedies1082014
The Rajasthan government’s decision to to amend the Factories Act has turned the clock back two centuries for what are acceptable conditions of work in a factory. The amendment seeks to raise the floor for mandatory registration, of an establishment engaged in a manufacturing process, under the Factories Act from 10 workers to 20 workers. This means that factories employing 19 or less workers would not have legally binding responsibility for the safety of their workers inside the factory. The amendment also undermines the legal protection on hours of work, a weekly off and other rights to decent working conditions. The struggle for universal coverage under what came to be the Factories Act in many countries was waged first in the 19thcentury. The amendments proposed by the Rajasthan Government thus take us back two centuries.    Following the 1984 Bhopal Gas Tragedy, the Factories Act 1948 was signi…
June core infra grows at 7.3%31072014Dear All, June core infra grows at 7.3%
Electricity, cement, coal and steel grow robust
The core infrastructure grows to 7.3% (Y-O-Y) in June 2014 as compared to 2.3% (Y-O-Y) in May 2014. The combined index of Eight Core Industries stands at 163.9 in June 2014 with a growth rate of 7.3% in June 2014 as compared to 1.2% in June 2013. Crude oil and Natural gas registered a growth rate of 0.1% and (-) 1.7% respectively in the month of June 2014.
Sector wise trend in monthly production                               (% growth) SectorWeight in IIPJun’14May’14Crude Oil5.220.1(-)0.3Natural Gas1.71(-)1.7(-)2.2Petroleum Refinery Products5.941.2(-)2.3Coal4.388.15.5Fertilizer1.25(-)117.6Electricity10.3215.76.3Cement2.4113.68.7Steel6.684.2(-)2.0Overall9033Source: PHD Research Bureau, compiled from the office of the economic advisor to the Govt. of India
In cumulative terms, core infrastructure industries registered a growth of 4.6% during April-June 2014-15 as agai…