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Xi Jinping gets second termON MARCH 17, 2018 BY NARESH SAGARLEAVE A COMMENTEDIT China’s  parliament unanimously handed President Xi Jinping a second term Saturday and elevated his right-hand man to the vice presidency, giving him a strong ally to consolidate power and handle US trade threats.
Xi’s reappointment by the Communist Party-controlled legislature was a foregone conclusion, but all eyes had been on whether his former anti-corruption enforcer, Wang Qishan, would become his deputy. The National People’s Congress has widely expanded Xi’s already considerable authority during its annual session, adding his name to the constitution and lifting the two five-year term limit for the presidency and vice presidency. Xi received a standing ovation after winning all 2,970 votes. Only one delegate voted against Wang’s appointment, with 2,969 in favour. In 2013, Xi had received 2,952 votes, with one against and three abstentions, a 99.86 percent share. Xi and Wang shook hands as the legisl…
SADD Efforts Bear Fruits, Pakistan Punjab Passes Anand Marriage Act for SikhsON MARCH 16, 2018 BY NARESH SAGARLEAVE A COMMENTEDIT NEW DELHI, Mar 14 — The SADD congratulated the Sikh community worldwide and thanked dignitaries and Pakistani lawmakers for passing the long-pending Anand Marriage Act for Sikh weddings in the Punjab province across India’s border. SADD president Paramjit Singh Sarna has been lobbying with the Pakistani establishment for the past almost 10 years for a separate law for the Sikh minority to register community weddings. Prof. Gurtej Singh, a renowned scholar, and highly-respected legal luminary KTS Tulsi played a key role in the campaign for a distinct marriage law for Sikh couples in Pakistan, recalled SADD secretary-general Harvinder Singh Sarna.“We are extremely thankful to Prof. Gurtej Singh and S. KTS Tulsi, who lent us their valuable support in this endeavour. They even visited Pakistan to push this campaign, which has now culminated in success,” S.Sarna…
February 2018 WPI inflation stands at 2.5%ON MARCH 14, 2018 BY NARESH SAGARLEAVE A COMMENTEDIT The WPI inflation stands at 2.5% in February 2018 as compared to 2.8% in January 2018, 3.6% in December 2017, 4.02% in November 2017, 3.7% in October 2017 and 3.14% in September 2017. The decline in WPI inflation in the month of February 2018 is attributed to fall in the prices of food articles (0.88%), vegetables (15.86%), fruits (6.13%), eggs, meat & fish (-0.22%) and LPG (8.5%)
Driven by fall in the prices of food articles, vegetables, fruits, eggs, meat & fish and LPG, WPI inflation stands at 2.5% in February 2018 as compared to 2.8% in January 2018. The official Wholesale Price Index for ‘All Commodities’ (Base: 2011-12=100) for the month of February, 2018 remained unchanged at its previous month level of 115.8 (Provisional). Trend in WPI Inflation                                                                                                                                      …