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Russian security chiefs hit with EU sanctions The EU announced it has introduced asset freezes on several top Russian officials. The list includes the head of Russia’s FSB security service, Aleksandr Bortnikov, and foreign intelligence service chief Mikhail Fradkov. The latest round of sanctions over the Ukrainian crisis was revealed on Thursday and consists of 15 Russians or Ukrainians and 18 companies, according to the EU’s Official Journal. China tested anti-satellite missile, US says The US has urged Beijing to refrain from destabilizing actions after China reportedly tested a missile designed to destroy satellites. According to State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf, the “non-destructive” test took place on Wednesday. Harf said that previous tests in 2007 created thousands of pieces of dangerous debris in space. China’s state-run Xinhua news agency did report a successful missile interception test conducted, but did not refer to it as an anti-satellite system. …
Japanese researchers find another possible source of energy26072014 Japanese researchers have found another possible source of energy. Officials at Japan’s industry ministry say a survey they conducted suggests the possibility that there’s another methane hydrate deposit off the country’s northernmost main island. They are hoping to extract from such deposits sustainable and stable supplies of natural gas. Methane hydrate is a type of natural gas that forms in a frozen state from methane and water.
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Categories : Energy Kaptan Singh Solanki appointed Haryana Governor26072014
Veteran BJP leader and Rajya Sabha member Kaptan Singh Solanki was appointed the Governor of Haryana in place of Jagannath Pahadia who completes his tenure on Saturday.
A Rashtrapati Bhavan communiqué on Friday night said the President has appointed Solanki as Governor of Haryana with immediate effect. Pahadia completes his tenure on Saturday, it added. 75-year-old Solanki, a form…