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Boletín informativo. Sábado 3 de Mayo 2014.Portada 25 DE MAYO | ELECCIONES AL PARLAMENTO EUROPEO 
El rapto de Europa
Por Nicolás Sartorius | Me permito decirle al posible abstencionista que no se engañe, que si no va a votar no quiere decir que no vaya a votar, en términos políticos, si no que otro votará por él y, probablemente, en el sentido contrario al que a él le gustaría.

Merkel arrives at White House

President Barack Obama welcomed Germany's Angela Merkel to the White House on Friday, seeking to secure united European backing for tougher sanctions on Russia's economy should the Kremlin escalate the crisis in Ukraine. 
The president and the Chancellor met days after both the United States and the European Union imposed new sanctions on key political and business figures around President Vladimir Putin. 

The measures followed the failure of a deal brokered in Geneva to de-escalate tensions in Ukraine and the refusal of Russia to rein in pro-Moscow separatist groups in southeastern Ukraine. 

So far, the sanctions adopted by either side have been limited to personal visa and asset bans against prominent people in Putin's inner circle, branded "cronies" by the White House. 

But Washington warns that it will impose tougher sanctions that will hit directly at key sectors of the Russian economy, if Putin for instance marches troops currently massed on the border of Ukra…
Neat and clean innovation' The idea of sanitation has raised many challenges down the years

Often managers view innovation through the narrow lens of creativity, product development and technology. Successful innovation is far more holistic and has additional dimensions of experimentation, business model, sociology and execution.

According to, Steve Jobs expressed the view, "It is a disease to think that a really great idea is 90 per cent of the work." Jobs argued that an idea is quite valueless until it converts into a product manifestation through craftsmanship, which is what stands between a great idea and a great product. An idea turns, twists, mutates and changes all the time as it is designed into a product. In this process of innovation, novelty and consumer delight are added. The final product may bear little resemblance to the original idea.

Consider innovation in the context of the mundane, unspeakable subject of sanitation. …
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Quake of M6.0 – SERAM, INDONESIAPreliminary Earthquake ReportMagnitude6.0Date-Time2 May 2014 08:43:37 UTC2 May 2014 16:43:38 near epicenter2 May 2014 12:43:37 standard time in your timezoneLocation3.801S 127.435EDepth54 kmDistances70 km (43 mi) SSE of Namlea, Indonesia83 km (51 mi) W of Ambon, Indonesia172 km (106 mi) WSW of Amahai, Indonesia506 km (313 mi) S of Kota Ternate, Indonesia565 km (350 mi) NNE of Dili, East Timor