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HM launches Mitsubishi dealership in Bangalore BANGALORE, NOVEMBER 24, 2012: Availability of the much sought Mitsubishi sport utility vehicle Pajero Sport will now be easier as local assembling of its completely knocked down kits has begun in right earnest, said Mr. Uttam Bose, Managing Director, Hindustan Motors Ltd., while launching the 41st dealership of the company’s Mitsubishi division here today. Notably, local assembling of Pajero Sport at the company’s Tiruvallur plant near Chennai has not only cut down the waiting period for the premium SUV but has also brought down its price to Rs. 22.56 lac (ex-showroom Delhi), benefiting the buyers by Rs. 1.87 lac. The authorized dealership, M/s SVR Motors, was launched with the inauguration of its showroom on Richmond Road by Mr. Uttam Bose. Significantly, SVR Motors has been the authorized service outlet of HM-Mitsubishi since April 2010. It has now been upgraded to a full-fledged 3S (sales, service and spares) dealership in vi…
 An adamant man who is inaccessible for common man launched  his new party will be called the 'Aam Aadmi Party'.His supporters do not allow  Aam Aadmi to meet this new self style activist and the media projected leader who speaks what media prompts him to do so. Arvind new shield for media to put subject across without their legal involvement. Media making an experiment if  they can build up political space which appears to be hopeless for people at large.Political party is a perpetual dynamic entity which needs to have ideas and dynamic  ideologues with complete vision on governance and do Arvind foot the bill, his surrounding says man has his weakness. 

A social activist turn a political figure the time to prove his mettle.Criticizing is not door to be a politician  but listening with rightful attention and emotion to people's woe do create a basic leadership quality.

 Arvind Kejriwal on Saturday said that there will be no posts for a…

Asian countries protest over Chinese passports

Philippines and Vietnam have protested over Chinese passports in which a map of China includes disputed islands in the South China Sea.The Chinese government began issuing the passports in May.Philippine government officials lodged a protest on Wednesday. They said a dotted line on the map encompasses the disputed islands, making them look as though they belong to China.

Vietnamese officials lodged a protest on Thursday. They said the map violates Vietnam's sovereignty. They demanded the Chinese delete the dotted line.Taiwanese officials lodged a protest on Friday. They said a picture in the passports shows a sightseeing spot in Taiwanese territory as though it is part of China.

A spokesperson for the Chinese foreign ministry said Friday that Taiwan is part of China. The spokesperson said the map in the passport does not highlight any particular country and urged governments to deal with the matter rationally.A spokesperson for the Japanese Embassy in Beijing said the …
32 killed in two gas explosions in China
At least 32 people have been killed and 47 others injured in two separate gas explosions in China, including a blast inside a restaurant which caught diners unawares.

Eighteen people were killed and five others remain trapped underground today after a gas explosion rocked a mine pit in southwest China's Guizhou Province.
The accident took place at the Xiangshui Coal Mine in Panxian County of the coal-rich Liupanshui City.
In all 28 miners were trapped underground when the accident happened, according to provincial government and Panjiang group sources.
Eighteen were killed in the accident.
Five miners had been rescued while five others still remained trapped.
Rescuers were searching for them, state-run news agency reported.
In another accident, 14 people were killed and 47 others injured after an explosion at a restaurant in China's northern Shanxi Province last night.
The explosion triggered a fire at the Xiyangyang (Happy Shee…
Former Brazilian Prez backs India as UNSC permanent member India and some other countries from Asia, Latin America and Africa should find a permanent place in UN Security Council to reflect the surge of developing economies over the developed world, former Brazilian President Luiz Inacia Lula Da Silva said.

Delivering the Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial lecture in New Delhi on Friday, Silva said an International Monetary Fund report in April suggested the combined economies of developing countries will surpass that of the developed countries. "The world's political order should reflect this reality and not the balance of power after World war II," he said and added countries of Latin America and Africa and an important country like India should find a place as permanent members of the United Nations Security Council. Vice President M Hamid Ansari, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi were among those present at the lecture. Silva said the glo…
US and Russia Under Obama-II by  Prof.  Samuel Charap,  Senior Fellow for Russia and Eastern Europe at the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS)  on Thursday, 29 November 2012 at 3.00 p.m. at Conference Hall-II of the CPR.  Prof. Charap  was till recently working for the Obama administration. Brief bio of Prof. Charap is given below for your kind information.

Brief Bio
Samuel Charap is Senior Fellow for Russia and Eastern Europe at the International Institute for Strategic Studies. He was formerly Associate Director for the Russia and Eurasia Program at Centre American Progress.He was a visiting scholar at the Carnegie Moscow Center and the International Center for Policy Studies (Kyiv), and a Fulbright Scholar at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations He focuses on the domestic politics and foreign policy of the former Soviet states and U.S. policy in the region. Previously he was a visiting fellow in the Russ…
Instituto Cervantes Nueva Delhi AGENDA CULTURAL DICIEMBRE 2012

Entrada gratuita
Free admission

Diciembre vuelve cargado de teatro, música y danza. El estreno en India de la obra de Federico García Lorca, “Así que pasen 5 años”, el concierto de cantos de la España medieval a cargo de uno de los más prestigiosos grupos de música antigua españoles, Capella de Ministrers, la danza contemporánea de la compañía mexicana Realizando Ideas,o el encuentro entre la danza Odissi con otras tradicionales de Colombia, México y Perú, conforman un variada programación escénica que se completa con la participación del proyecto Spanish Raga en el Festival Mood Indigo del IIT de Bombay, o la nueva representación de la obra teatral “La venta” de Lluïsa Cunilllé en Jamia Millia Isalamia. Paralelamente, Uruguay será el protagonista de nuestras sesiones cinematográficas, así como de nuestros cursos de cocina con la chef Nuria Rodríguez. Películas premiadas recien…