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Disaster Management TC, CPI M on Aila Cyclone

009-05-31 07:18:52 - India federal structure with seventy nine minister to govern this vast country is without Disaster Managment ministry which may fall within purview of minister but with little or no powers at the federal level will finds himself in state of dorment level as the 28 Indian states to fall in natural calamities in near future.

India country of continent proportions is all set for natural calamities with advent of rains within fornight and the Team Manmohan Singh is the best of ministerial team in given circumstance fails to put up the Disaster and Managment Ministry to annul the growing bitterness between state government and the concerned political outfits of that states along with Federal government
failing to take direct action in states which are prone to Natural calamities.

Coastal states,Bihar,NE states plus the metros,megalopolis of the nation wil get the severe nature beating for which the Federal structure of Disaster Managment is missing in line with total edif…