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India in Shambles, Only the Judiciary can save us- Book Review8 03 2014 8 03 2014 India in Shambles, Only the Judiciary can save us- Book Review
March08, 2014 Developed societies and developed minds own and deserve developed
countries. India was always in Shambles for ages due to discriminatory
and caste based society. There is no integration of Indian Society and
Economy – we all think in different directions. This reviewer has just
launched ‘Sabka Bharat Mission 2019’ (Annexure – II) to achieve
societal and economic Integration of India with development program. The book ‘India in Shambles, Only the Judiciary can save us’ by KC
Agarwal is in itself in Shambles. Not a single page in the book
reflects developed and matured thoughts. This reviewer knows KC
Agarwal, author of the book for 5-6 years. Introductions to chapters
of ‘India in Shambles’ from his website is annexed here. All chapters
reflect very low level of understanding of real situation. Knowledge is built brick by brick step by step…
Dear Naresh:
Five years ago today, the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence launched an inquiry into the CIA's post-9/11 torture program. Investigation committee chair Senator Dianne Feinstein has called this “one of the most significant oversight efforts in the history of the United States Senate.”
Five years later, the committee has produced and approved a 6,000-plus-page report based on a review of over 6 million pages of official records.
But, here's the problem: the report remains secret, hidden from the American people.
The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence will soon vote on whether to seek declassification and release of key portions of the report.  Join me in urging the committee to vote in favor of releasing the report.
Senators familiar with the report say it will show that torture in the CIA program was more widespread than we thought, and ineffective at securing the information needed to stop terrorist attacks.  But until these findings are ma…
HP Unveils Fastest 60-inch Dye-ink Production Printer The new HP Designjet D5800 Printer provides easy integration into existing low-cost printing environments

New Delhi, India, 6 March 2014 — HP today announced the new HP Designjet D5800 Production Printer, the fastest 60-inch dye-ink production printer(1) in its class, available with improved reliability and robust media handling features.
The new printer will integrate seamlessly into existing low cost print environments and allow copy shops and print service providers to continue using the inks they rely on for their existing HP Designjet 5500 printers.
Featuring speeds of up to 128 sqm/hr in fast mode and 24 sm/hr in production mode for polypropylene, (1)  the HP Designjet D5800 printer will enable around-the-clock printing of high-quality prints such as backlit graphics, point-of-sale displays, roll-up banners and indoor signage in vivid color. The HP Designjet D5800 Production Printer, which replaces the HP Designje…
 Nehru Memorial Museum and Library cordially invites you to a Conference

at 9.00 a.m. on Friday-Saturday, 7-8 March 2014 in the Seminar Room, First Floor, Library Building
on Vernaculars Underground:   Histories, politics, aesthetics’
in association with Brinda Bose and  Prasanta Chakravarty, Marg Humanities and University of Delhi, Delhi

Concept Note:
Is it possible to create something of a larger platform for humanities studies by stepping outside of academia to think about it more rigorously, clearly, reflexively? Can we think about arts and literature through ways and means that are calm and raw, capricious and angry, and yet deeply analytical and sensual? Can we ponder and underline afresh the visceral and expansive political core that the humanities bequeath us along with an edgy sense of aesthetics, in these times of grandstanding, networking and spinning fashions? Is it at all possible to talk about literary movements in times of globalization, or are people who are passionate about th…