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Text of PM’s address at the Parliament of AfghanistanDECEMBER 26, 2015EDIT Your Excellency President Ghani
Your Excellency, Chief Executive Dr. Abdulla
Honorable Speaker of Wolesi Jirga and the Chairman of Meshraon Jirga,
Distinguished Members of both HousesEight centuries ago, a famous son of Balkh Province, one of the greatest poets in human history, Jalaluddin Rumi, wrote, “Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that gives flowers, not thunder”.This is the wisdom of this magnificent land and a great nation. A land where legends are born – of poetry and beauty, of valour and honour, of pride and generosity, of the warmest embrace of friendship and the strongest resistance for freedom. And, in this century, the great Afghan people have waged an epic struggle of courage and resolve to shape their future with vote and debate, not gun and violence. A country with an abiding faith in the tradition of Jirga has chosen the path of democracy. And, it has done it against challenges tha…