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TRADERS AGITATED AGAINST CHINAAPRIL 2, 2016 TRADERS AGITATED AGAINST CHINA FOR SUPPORTING TERRORISM WILL BURN HOLY OF CHINESE GOODS & BOYCOTT CHINESE PRODUCTS​ ​The Confederation of All India Traders (​CAIT​)​ has taken strong except​ion​ of behavior of China yesterday at Us since it has voted against India in United Nation on the question of terrorism and has supported Pakistan openly. “It is rather embarrassing for us here in India to see our neighbor supporting anti-national agenda against our country. ​We​ don’t see how would China make up for its stand and continue to work on bilateral talks to promote stability within the region. We at CAIT strongly and unanimously support Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi and ​supports his call for global unity to crush terrorism. ​ During ​its​ upcoming National Traders Conclave​ to be held from 4th April to 6th April​ 2016​ at New Delhi​, ​the CAIT​​ ​would strongly agitate against Chinese goods and pledge to burn holy of Chinese goods made i…