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Hungary to close border with Croatia from midnightOCTOBER 17, 2015EDIT Hungary warned on Friday it would close its southern border with Croatia from midnight (22:00 GMT), Reuters reported. The move comes a month after Hungary’s government shut its frontier with Serbia to hundreds of thousands of migrants and asylum seekers. A steel fence has been erected almost the length of its southern frontier. Hungary said it had to secure the borders of the EU from mainly Muslim migrants who it says pose a threat to the security and Christian values of Europe. The flow of migrants and refugees, which was between 5,000 and 8,000 per day in recent weeks, continued unabated on Friday over the border with Croatia. 0Russian delivers 30 tons of humanitarian aid to MyanmarOCTOBER 17, 2015EDIT Russian Emergencies Ministry delivers 30 tons of humanitarian aid to Myanmar A Russian Emergencies Ministry Il-76 plane has delivered more than 30 tons of humanitarian aid to Myanmar that suffered devastating fl…