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NAPM DEMANDS IMMEDIATE RELEASE OF PIYUSH SETHIAStandardJuly 16, 2016Leave a commentEdit NAPM DEMANDS IMMEDIATE RELEASE OF PIYUSH SETHIA FROM SALEM JAIL AND DROPPING OF FOISTED CHARGES From: NAPM India <>Sat, 16 Jul ’16 1:47p To: napmmedia <> and others 1 attachment PR_Piyush_Release_Demand_16072016.doc20.00 KBDownload|Preview New Delhi, July 16 : National Alliance of People’s Movements (NAPM) condemns this complete arbitrary arrest of environmental activist Piyush Sethia, who has been a crusader for several national level issues including Bhopal Gas Survivors, rights of adivasis and founder of Salem Citizen Forum. He has worked hard to change the face of the city Salem by organising citizens led efforts to revive lakes, forests, wet lands and so on and is know for his work of promoting alternative handicrafts and creating environmental awareness. His arrest on completely false charges can only be termed as political vendetta and a…
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