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SSP – 16% NARMADA COMMAND IRRIGATED, NO WATER FOR SAUNIPosted on April 1, 2017 April01, 2017 (C) Ravinder Singh
Way back in 1999 I had reported in my most expensive Report on Narmada Basin Projects with color photos that was widely circulated in print form – CAG is reported Gujarat governments failures 18 years later. NCA reports just 2,82,725 hectares area under Narmada Canal Command was served in its latest report against over 18,00,000 hectare in DPR.
Even worse Rs.10,000 Cr SAUNI program to Fill Surashtra & Kutchh Dams with Narmada Waters for over 4 years after Spending lot of money – SSNNL has refused to allocate water for the scheme.
Gujarat has TOYED with the idea to BUILD Fresh Water Lake in Sea – A Bridge across Sea – but no water is being released even for Industries downstream. Sea water has moved in 40 kilometers.
In another CAG report most Municipalities have No Sewerage Service – Sewage is r…