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Indian Air force Jet crashes,Pilots ejects and safe

Indian Air Force jet trainer aircraft crashed while taking off at Bhubaneswar Airport.

The pilot of an Indian Air Force jet trainer had a narrow escape today on Saturday as it took off it caught fire and the pilot quickly ejected himself, the sources said.

The aircraft had landed at the airport for refueling and soon caught fire as it started for onward journey.

The plane was one of the dozens of jet trainers flying from Kalaikunda airbase in West Bengal to Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh.

Dmitry Medvedev unfazed by Criticism

"All elections are an internal affair," Medvedev

Dmitry Medvedev said he would not pay attention to any foreign criticism of next year's presidential poll as he handed in his ballot application today.

"All the decisions are taken by the people and it is before the people that the Duma (parliament) and the president are answerable, he added.
"What is there to be afraid of?" he asked.

The 42-year-old protege of Putin as required by electoral law to hand in his application for the presidential vote at the Central Election Commission by Sunday.

Last week Putin endorsed Medvedev, saying "I completely and fully support this candidacy."

Medvedev was duly approved as the candidate of the ruling United Russia party on Monday.

He is not expected to face a strong challenge, as opposition parties are under heavy Kremlin control.

Putin is obliged to stand down as the constitution forbids person from holding more than two consecutive presidential terms.

However he has …

Tymoshenko Elected Prime Minister Ukraine

Yatsenyuk's candidacy was put forth by the factions of Yulia Tymoshenko's Bloc and the Our Ukraine-People's Self-Defense Bloc. The two parties formed a majority coalition in parliament on Nov. 29.

Ukraine's elect Prime Minister Tymoshenko looked confident after she received parliament vote to approve pro-Western coalition leader Yulia Tymoshenko's return as prime minister on Tuesday.

Tymoshenko required minimum of 226 votes in the Supreme Rada of total 450 members, She attained all 156 members of her eponymous bloc in support of her nomination from the coalition of eponymous bloc and all but two of the 70 member pro-presidential Our Ukraine party.

After the latest vote, Tymoshenko said the new government would target corruption as its first priority, particularly in the areas of privatization and energy.

President Viktor Yushchenko's ally in the 2004 mass protests that brought him to power, Tymoshenko was sacked by the president after about eight months in the post…

PM Dr Singh airspace breached by another spacecraft

PM Dr Singh airspace breached by another spacecraft
The security forces repeat lapse as that of the Parliament attack episode.PM was in Bilaspur to address a rally as part of the election campaign.Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was about to take for Palampur for addressing an election rally, Addl Superintendent of Police Bimal Bupta said.when another helicopter of Air Deccan landed in the midst of PM's copter take-off, as he also had permission to land at different time or place but because of reason best known to the piolts breached airspace of PM carrier. Police took the pilot Col K Mehta and co pilot Col S M Sehgal into custody when they landed the helicopter for picking up Congress leader R K Dhawan even as Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was about to take for Palampur for addressing an election rally, Addl Superintendent of Police Bimal Bupta said. Air Deccan,helicopter has been seized by the security forces as the crew allegedly misbehaved with security forces. A case of breachi…

US blanketed with snow

Snowstorms Bring Chaos To States

Updated:10:26, Monday December 17, 2007
Parts of the US have been blanketed with nearly a foot of snow.
Shoppers in Ohio struggle through snow
Shoppers in Ohio struggle through snow

Cities such as Chicago and Boston were hit while major airports like O'Hare International faced major disruption.

The snowstorm brought chaos to the Midwest before moving into New England.

Around 30cm of the white stuff fell on upstate New York, although New York city was spared.

Thousands of people were left without power in New Jersey, Long Island and parts of Connecticut.

Around 25cm of snow fell across parts of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Forecasters warned that around 14ins of snow would fall in parts of New England.

The wintry blast came a week after a Midwest ice storm was blamed for 13 deaths and cut power to hundreds of thousands of homes.

British leave Basra to Iraqi forces

Maj. Gen. Graham Binns,commander of British forces in Basra, said the city had been pulled from the grip of its enemies as British army has handed over responsibility on sunday the region in Iraq under their ambit and said,"I now formally hand it back to its friends." Binns , Basra's governor, the Iraqi commander inked their signatures to papers giving Iraq control of the far southern province.

Mowafaq al-Rubaie, Iraq's national security adviser, said Iraq was ready. "The security improvements didn't come from nothing, but were the result of huge efforts from both the government and Iraqi people in fighting terrorism, extremism, militias and outlaws,"" al-Rubaie said.

U.S. officials worry a power vacuum may hamper supply route which could influence of Iran and threaten land routes used by the Americans to bring ammunition, food and other supplies from Kuwait to troops to the north.

Binns said British forces would remain to help the Iraqis, but would…

Croatian Prime Minister Ivo Sanader to proveon floor

Croatian President Stipe Mesic said Sanader convinced him that with his allies, he would get lawmakers' support for the formation a new government.

Croatia's president on Saturday asked Prime Minister Ivo Sanader to form a new government after the Nov. 25 general elections.

Stipe mesic says that Sanader would likely gain the support of a majority in parliament.

Sanader's governing conservatives won the most votes but fell short of an outright victory.
Mesic formally designated the incumbent premier to form a ruling coalition three weeks after Sanader's conservative Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) won the most seats in a parliamentary poll.

HDZ claimed 66 of the 153 seats, but had to overcome a post-election challenge by the opposition Social Democratic Party (SDP), which, with 56 seats, also tried to scramble a broad majority coalition.

Sanader secured a second consecutive term by winning over the Farmers' Party and the Liberal Party (HSS/HSLS), with eight seats, along …