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Barack: Naresh – We are on track for the highest voter turnout in American historyNovember 5, 2016 Naresh — We are on track for the highest voter turnout in American history — and we should all feel good about what that means. But with so many folks voting early, Hillary needs your help, Naresh! And she needs it today. Sign up for a volunteer shift in your neighboring state. Every pair of hands to make calls and knock on doors is more important than ever to make sure all of Hillary’s supporters make it to the polls. This election will determine if — not how — our country moves forward and remains the democratic example to the world. That’s why you’ll see me out on the trail a whole lot for the next week. I’m going to make the case for Hillary until I’m hoarse. But I need you out there with me, Naresh. Eight years ago, the Republicans mocked us for putting so much faith in good, old-fashioned community organizing. Well, you don’t hear too much of that anymore. We’ll win this election in…
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Dear citizens and guests of Zagreb! Although the Croatian name of the month that lies ahead of us conjures up the feeling of cold, the excellent events which will take place in the month of November will provide a positive and warm atmosphere in the worlds of sport, film, trade activities, music and last, but certainly not least, the magnificent Advent in Zagreb. > more

Dear friends and business partners! November is the month when Christmas holiday season starts building up. The festivities will once again culminate with Advent in Zagreb, consisting of a series of events which will kick off towards the end of November and turn this city into a fairytale land. > more