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Malaysian Police arrested 160 Hindraf protestors

Malaysian Police arrested 160 Hindraf protestors
Malaysian Police arrested 160 Hindraf protestors.Hindraf adviser R. Raguram was arrested while giving a speech

16.02.2008 18:46:07 Rally coordinator S. Manickavasagam was among the first to be picked up by police.
The supporters later moved to the Puduraya area where they gathered at a temple before proceeding to Pudu jail. Hindraf adviser R. Raguram was arrested while giving a speech outside the temple.

( - Nearly three hundred ethnic Indian supporters with flowers in their hands, of a Hindu rights group defying a ban today tried hold a rally near Parliament house in lieu thereof gathered in Independence Square in downtown Kuala Lumpur for their demand to more rights for the minority community.Ethnic Indians are marginalised in terms of education, wealth and opportunities.

Police in Kuala Lumpur arrested 160 Hindraf supporters who took part in the rally in Dataran Merdeka area today on Saturday.

The total number of supporters arr…

Myanmar leader assassinated in Thailand

Bangkok:Prominent Leader of pro democracy movement in Myanmar"s Karen National Union who was also a key figure in the democracy movement was assassinated on Thursday at his home in Thailand, Thai police said.

( - Pado Manh Sha, 65, was the Karen Nationa Union secretary general based in the town of Mae Sot in Thailand. He was a critic of Myanmar"s military regime who coordinated between the ethnic Karen and the democracy movement in the Myanmar.

"His relatives who witnessed the killing said the first man went up to greet Pado Manh Sha while he was resting, but then shot him once. A second man came up and shot him again," Passawat said.

Pado Manh Sha could have been killed by a Karen splinter group or assassins ordered by the military as reported in the media.Political analyst says,It could be KNU internal problems as the Christian KNU and Buddhist groups battles with splinter group called the Democratic Karen Buddhist Army (DKBA).

KNU is in embattled with My…

Malaysian parliament dissolved :Election March 8

Malaysia will hold its general election on March 8.The country"s Election Commission today said nominations will be held on February 24 to elect 222 legislators in Parliament. Abdullah dissolved Parliament yesterday, paving the way for the elections, a year earlier than scheduled.“Come out and vote, don"t sleep …. I want to see a free and fair election," Election Commission Chairman Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman told reporters.The March 8 elections will see Abdullah"s Barisan Nasional party challenged by three main opposition parties, the left-leaning Democratic Action Party, the Islamist Parti Islam se-Malaysia and dissident former deputy premier Anwar Ibrahim"s Parti Keadilan. Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said he was dissolving parliament Wednesday to call for general elections.Election are hurriedly called by the Abdulla Ahmed Badwai as country flutters with ethnic violence and growing inflation.Leaders have in past has also called for snap po…

Malaysian Ethnic Indian origin Minister heckled

15.02.2008 04:21:05 The cabinet minister Samy Vellu is the Works Minister in the Abdullah Badawi cabinet was surrounded and heckled by some youths during the foundation laying ceremony for a Tamil school here.

( - PETALING JAYA: MIC leader Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu and Selangor Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohamad Khir Toyo were involved in an angry exchange with a group of abusive hecklers Wednesday.

Samy Vellu was speaking before the ground-breaking ceremony for SJK (T) Seaport, Petaling, when they started hurling abuses at him.The MIC leader smiled and waved at them.When Dr Khir took to the stage, he told off the hecklers.

This angered the hecklers who became more aggressive, with some attempting to move towards the VIP stage.The hecklers were unhappy over the size of land allocated for the school. They claimed that the government had promised 3ha but only set aside 0.6ha. Dr Khir tried to explain that the size had actually been increased from 0.4ha.

Dr Khir Toyo also present…